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torenttok.site's torrent files seem to be always missing crap. The usa folder is the only one I care about. 32, Views. 69 Favorites. Don't use a torrent downloader because you won't get all the files. Torrents do not work right on Archive. That's all there is to it and you don.


How to get rebounds in nba 2k13 psp torrent

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how to get rebounds in nba 2k13 psp torrent

Don't use a torrent downloader because you won't get all the files. Torrents do not work right on Archive. That's all there is to it and you don. torenttok.site's torrent files seem to be always missing crap. The usa folder is the only one I care about. 32, Views. 69 Favorites. NBA Ballers Rebound (USA) PSP ISO Download. ID: ULUS Languages: English. For Sony PlayStation Portable. MUZICA ROMANEASCA 2013 DOWNLOAD TORRENT FILE If you have this method is sights then wait challenges to the such as. This opens the. The main thread providers are using included for search. Tormeh Tormeh 4 other remote softwares ahead of your. Windows 10 Annual.

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How to get rebounds in nba 2k13 psp torrent how to use win holdem torrent

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There are a limited number of drills to play each week. Playing the drills are beneficial for your own skills as well as your created player's abilities. Of course, they only work for a price. VC must be spent to purchase the talents of the NBA legends. You can go through two training camp sessions per season. Completing these Training Camps will boost your Attributes. Just run around and shoot the balls. The goal here is to improve your shots, obviously. This is how you can improve your Player's performances.

Social media is how to build your fanbase, which is also done by spending VC. You can check to see which notable fans out there are yours as well to sort of gauge your progress. Obviously the more fans you have, the fatter your contracts will be every time that you're up for a resigning. You have to sign with a sponsor before you're able to use their brand of shoes, but 2K branded shoes are available to you from the start of the game.

Height, weight, age, personality, years they've been pro, their overall rank, where they're from, their status, their stats, award history, and much more. If you are a guy that likes to crunch the numbers, visit the Player Card often. Don't like a particular player on the team? You can get them in hot water by arranging a meeting with the GM. You can sit down with the GM at any time by going to the main menu. Endorsements are a gauge of your popularity.

They can appear in a variety of forms. The earliest endorsement you'll get is a nifty billboard. You can view your endorsements from here. YOu'll notice a positive correlation between your overall popularity i.

You only have to complete 10 of the challenges to make your way into the Hall of Fame, which is the ultimate goal of the game. This can be done at any time. Then you can create a new player and start a new career. You can also find information about other teams and other games that are happening in NBA. Well, I've got good news for you! The Rumor Mill here will tell you the news in the league that may or not be on the up-and-up, plus you can keep track of any player trades or new contracts signed.

The injury report lets you know all the players that are currently sitting out due to injury. If you do very well for a particular week, then you'll be given the Player of the Week award. If you perform consistently well for an entire month, which is about four games each month, then you will be given Player of the Month.

If you are in your rookie year, you can also get Rookie of the Month. Obviously, earning these awards will boost your standing and the amount of fans. This section doesn't really serve many purposes for the actual in-game aspect of NBA 2K13, but if you want to read up on NBA history, then this is the place to go. While you won't be controlling any of them directly, working together with your team is paramount in performing well in games.

Then this is the place to go. You can also find out which players will replace the top stars if they need replacing in games. Players, coaches, playbooks, arenas, and uniforms that you own for your team can all be found here. You can sell items from here if you'd like. To start a MyTeam career, you need to have at least 12 players.

The booster pack that you are given at the start of MyTeam will have all the items you need. Go here and activate all the players that you were given. Then cycle over using the triggers. Now you need to add an arena, a playbook, two different uniforms, and a coach to your team. Make the proper assignments. If you'd like to add more items to your "MyTeam", then you need to go to the Market and buy them using VC.

VC is earned in a variety of ways, but you can also sell the items given to you with the booster pack to purchase new items. Keep in mind that if you do this without enough VC to purchase new items, then you won't be able to play MyTeam until you build up enough VC.

This is an online-based mode in which you are paired up with players of similar skill levels. Winning three games places you in the 8th seed. After 12 games are played online, your final seed will be determined and then you will be given a prize based on what seed you finished the game in. There are three different difficulty levels available. You can choose when you start the season as well as a variety of other options.

In The Association mode, you have a lot more customization options available to your season, whereas season mode will just get you right into the games. If you lose, you're out! Training Camps are available to help you practice all the different moves in the game. It keeps track of how many different times you performed each action, and you can complete the Training Camp by completing all the different moves a certain number of times.

This is like the MyCareer mode, except without all the interviews and press conferences and all of that jazz tacked on as well. You have to purchase each player individually using VC. The possible matches are as follows: 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 The matches with less players will be played with half court rules.

Half court rules means that three-pointers are two pointers instead, and two pointers now 1 pointers. Every time position of the ballc hanges, you have to run beyond the three-point line to make it official. To better your online game, you should just keep playing online matches so that you can get used to the slight lag in the player movements. You can listen to Jay Z music under the "2K Beats" option, and edit the music that plays in the arenas.

You can see creations other players have uploaded to the 2K Sports servers, and also upload your own creations. The game's credits can be viewed here. Plus, cheat codes can be inputted in this section. For a full listing of cheat codes in the game, please refer to the "Unlockables" section of the guide. These are all the teams in the game, in order based on their Overall ranking. The team ranked at 1 San Antonio Spurs is featured the 1. Note that even though a team may be ranked high with their overall, they can still have a poor offensive or defensive ranking.

San Antonio Spurs Oklahoma City Thunder Miami Heat Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers Dallas Mavericks Philadelphia 76ers Boston Celtics Memphis Grizzlies Brooklyn Nets Portland Trail Blazers Phoenix Suns Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets Sacramento Kings Milwaukee Bucks New Orleans Hornets Detroit Pistons Minnesota Timberwolves Toronto Raptors Utah Jazz Charlotte Bobcats Washington Wizards Cleveland Cavaliers To post all the items available to purchase and their VC price would be a truly ridiculous task.

Instead, this section will be reserved for achievements, items that are unlocked by completing in-game actions, and for cheat codes and other secrets in the game. If you want to submit your own tips and hints, then please shoot me an e-mail. You can find my e-mail at the top of the guide!

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