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And what a selection of songs. This is another centurion post in the making, I am sure. So, let me get started with a few runs before Bhatiaji pads up. The variety of the songs that he has presented in so may varieties of dreams will keep us awake for many nights to digest each piece. Thank you very much for your warm words of praise. I must say, though, that this is the first time that I have been likened to a sapera.

But I must say that. Thanks for the compliments, Ranga! Thanks for the compliments and for sharing the song! Thanks for the compliments and for that lovely song! Hence the title. But, for commercial reasons, the film makers changed the ending to a happy one, making the hero realize his second dream. Critics questioned the changes,but the audience lapped it up! The lovely song you have selected selected has no mention of or connection with dream.

Endu ninna noduve Endu ninna seruve.. Nooraru kanasu kaathara…. Several of the songs were the direct adaptations of the original, and were well appreciated. Thanks for the compliments. I see that the floodgates that Maheshji referred to 4 have already opened and that the songs are pouring in. Keep them coming! Of the songs that you have listed so far, I had wanted to include the ones from Seeta aur Geeta, Buddha Mil Gaya, Khel Khel Mein, Love Story, Gol Maal,Silsila and House No but dropped them either because I already had a song in the category that I would have fitted them into or because I could not find a suitable category that would fit in the flow of the post.

Looks like you have missed my inclusion of the song from Ek Gaaon ki Kahani, though. Thanks for the compliments and for the two songs. I had never heard the first song before. As for the 2nd song, I agree with you that it has not been forgotten. Thanks a lot for the kind words and warm praise.! Of the 10 you have listed, I had thought of including the one from Anand but I dropped it eventually. Thanks for the list. It would be nice and this request is made to Dr. Shetty as well if you could include the YouTube links of the songs in your comments so that it makes it that much easier for SoYers to access the songs.

Thanks for the generous words of praise. I consider your well-researched and superbly articulated posts as exemplars of good writing, so the question of your trying to emulate me does not arise — it will always be the other way around.

All of us who were children in the 70s loved the song. Of course, you have scored brownie points and I will be eager to meet you and redeem those for you gladly. I have many Bhandarkar friends from Panemangaluru and Mangaluru and I speak fluent amchigele. Say Hi to me on my WhatsApp number Akka kelavva is another childhood favorite. More on that some other day. Thanks for going through my post and for all the compliments that you have showered on me. Thanks for the validation of the Andal story.

It was reviewed by your fellow-Ayyangar, Sushruti Santhanam, a top-notch Pune-based musician who is also very erudite and articulate, all of which is not surprising considering that she is the daughter of Smt. Vedavalli :. The inclusion of Giripai nelukona was thanks to a suggestion from historian, heritage activist, author and Music Academy Secretary.

Sriram V. Belated thanks for the wonderful introduction — you have outdone yourself with your wit! More than anything else, thanks for bearing with the inordinate delay on my part in tuning this post around. Thanks for the kind words! I had never heard the 2 Lata songs or the Geeta Dutt song before. Loved all 3 songs! The one from Madbhare Nain is hauntingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for the kind words and for the 2 songs, both of which were new to me.

I suppose this has to do with the movie being a horror film. Thanks for sharing the information on Eradu Kanasu and for granting me the brownie points that I was craving for :. This is surely going to be all time block buster and Venkataraman ji will have to rewrite quite a few records. Will come back once free. I am listening to it — for the first time — as I type this. The singer is one Mandakini Pande.

Ashwin 32, Thanks a lot for your generous words. I have already acknowledged what is the source of my infection. So all credit to you. There is no Law of Limitation for a hanky to reserve a seat. I just need to be told. The fight breaks out in the bus when the conductor has not been told by the person who placed the hanky. Mr Muli 36, Ashwin 37, If I understood Mr Muli correctly, the nayika has already tried to come in the dreams of the nayak but was not able to, and now she wants to come to him in reality.

Yes, you are right about what the nayika is saying. I have one observation and one confusion. Confusion: I might sound stupid if mistaken but I am known for such stupidity. She could not wear otherwise because she played a pauper. Ashwinji In the opening you have stated that readers will remember the article for its weird title , if not for its content especially ifv the content does not measure up — — — — If I say you are underestimating the content then it will be an understatement.

Regarding the marathi song of Mandakini Pande Not much information is available about her. I do not know whether she is related to Malti Pande. AK ji In your intro you have referred to Ashwinji reserving the topic with a handkerchief.

I was tempted to reserve a bogey of songs in the train of comments that would ensue but refrained. I agree with your classification of the marathi song. More to follow. Ashwinji I think this comes closest to being a member of your prsesent null set as the merchant is selling their dreams. Mumbaikar8 40, You are very sharp with Savh huye sapne tere. Unless in the context of the entire film it refers to dreams about her lover. I have an incredible capacity of forgetting the story of the films I have seen.

This helps me seeing my favourites again and again. I have Yeyed to Subodh, I Yeyey to you, too. There are sometimes scheduling difficulties because of date specific posts. But the point about spacing special articles is absolutely valid. Mr Muli 41, You can reserve a topic by placing your handkerchief because I am the conductor with the reservation chart. But comments get into an unreserved bogey which is simply first come first serve. You have to board a train from New Delhi station to understand what getting into an unreserved compartment means.

In your part you have nothing like that. Have you given a thought that the entire Bollywood is a dream merchant and any movie we watch is a dream sold by the merchant? Within that meta set you have dreams which are non-tradable, they come by themselves. Sapnon ka saudagar anya is an exceptional song because this seems to be the only one about a tradable dream.

One challenge is to get more songs of this type. Within that dream there may be dreams which can at times be a nightmare. But what if the movie is a nightmare, but the dream is delightful? I am late to read this post. There are umpteen numbers. Once Bollywood was referred as Dream factory in a magazine by some writer. Is it true or not. I do not know. Ashwinji, Listened upto the Bhavgeets It requires more than one and half hours of undivided attention, to do justice to the author, who have spend time in selecting, listening and posting the songs and in adding appropriate narrations therein.

I know it may take only a few minutes to relate each song with theme and move one. Yet, preferred to listen to the songs in whole. I was fortunate to have a chat with singer Subir Sen about ten years back when I met him in connection with a programme. I hope you would confirm or negate accordingly. You wrote before 8. I think you have posted only 4 songs from films starring Dev Anand, whereas you have posted 7 songs composed by S D Burman. S D Burman, ideally should be the mascot.

MILAN, Rajnigandha phool tumhare Mehke yoon hi.. Aaj se pehle aaj se jyada Khushi aaj tak nahin mila.. Lalla lalla lori Doodh ki katori.. Sapno ka palna Aashaon ki dori.. Hema Malini, 20, debuted opposite Raj u Kapoor, Started exercising the brain cells to remember some Raj Kapoor, and, as a natural progression progression, Mukesh songs. Ashwin ji has chosen the Lata one.

Teri jheel si gehri ankhon mein Kuchh dekha maine, kya dekha? Main samaj gayi re deewane Tu ne raat koi sapna dekha.. Song: Jaane Kaise Sapno mein.. You really have opened spillway gates of dams to regulate the upstream and downstream flows ……safe guarding the breaches in embankments. Your songs are flowing in irrigation channels and write up generating power. Your writing is …. Tranquil waters behind a dam, can become reckless and uncontrollable torrents of destruction when released without caution and wisdom ….

Of course dams at designing stage are made fail safe by adopting required factor of safety against most probable frequency flood. Man lives a life simultaneously dreaming and facing realities. Hope is one link between these twos. Fantasy is one which over rides your dreams for good cause. Day dreaming is one that younger generation enjoy the most. Achieving milestones thru living dreams is a great blessing…. Dreaming itself is a fanciful idea…and here are some songs thru leaking embankments….

I had totally forgotten about it. Dheere se aana khatiyan mein O khatmal dheere se.. Soyi hai Rajkumari Dekh rahi meete sapne.. Kishore Kumar. Dheere se jaana bhagiyan mein Re, bhanwra. Hoyi lalla dingi lalla.. Main sitaron ka Tarana.. Had 2 other songs for parody. RDB :. The field conditions are perfect for Dr. Shetty to bat on. By the time I look for songs I find he already crossed the boundries.

Hope they fit the bills. Ashwin, Your reserving the topic with a hanky and waiting for three years was worth it for us. It has resulted in an excellent post. You touched crossword clues, ancient cultures, science literature etc and covered film music of different languages and classical music, both Hindustani and Carnatic. MD: Salil Chowdary. Kishore Kumar and Shamshad Begum. MD: O. Lyrics: Jan Nisar Akthar.

Lyrics: Kannadasan. MD: Viswanathan Ramamurthy. But, he has been those and more. Ashwinji You used almost every color from HFM to karnataki classical in this beautiful rainbow of songs. I wish to add one more thatv of Urdu gazal. Scenes, dialogues, tunes..

Ashwin ji, Thanks for an engrossing and informative,interesting post on Dream related songs. You have categorised most of the types of Dream related songs generally seen in Hindi films. Our readers have poured in more songs and to listen to all these songs, one will have to forgo his dreams for few nights!

The girl is calling her lover to come out of her dreams and visit her physically. Mumbaikar ji 39 AK ji 40 Such huye sapne tere is indeed her song So then what should be the song for tere sapne? This gem of a song in one of the most scintillating albums post the golden era is unique for two reasons. Your repertoire of strokes knows no bounds. And, of course, recalling words from the antaraas is more difficult as well as more satisfying.

Taking cue from you, let me score a single. It is a twin song, but I do not expect double credit! Rahulji 62 Phir wohi raat hai is a a very complex song, one need to have the genius of Gulzar to understand it fully. Mumbaikar8 64, Is there really an ambiguity in Aankhon mein humne aapke sapane sajaaye hain? Chala jaata hoon kisi ke dhun mein..

Chala bhi aa… Jaanewale aa jaa teri yaad sathaye Khwabon ka gharonda kahin toot na jaaye.. Le toh aaye hain hame sapno ke gaon mein Pyar ki chaon mein chupaye rakhna.. Ashwin Congrats for a great write-up.

Actually, everybody is associated with a sapna from birth till death, whether it is disclosed when we are in sleep or awake. Actually, my field is only Hindi films, so half of the article is not meant for me, but SOY has a lot of variety of readers and your article would be a great hit, with most of us. Songs are all top class and friends are busy adding other songs. So it will soon be lot of songs.

I will also be putting in some. I think there may be some songs which are outside the categories given by you. Make a category for them also. What is your opinion about them. AK is also requested to give his view. Actually this is a song and scene and Saigal sings only the mukhda. In the end both have a competition playing harmonium and piano — the two instruments which were the subject matter of recent articles — and Kanan Devi declares herself the winner.

And since this is a duet, this can be included in both hamari and tumhari categories. Now two songs from Waqt. In the first they are talking to each other about their respective dreams on phone and in the second they bring it into practical territory.

Sunil Dutt and Sadhana in Waqt are enjoying themselves without caring for the future, but here in Love Marriage the more mature pair of Dev Anand and Mala Sinha know the pitfalls and request the moon to move slowly. A brilliant post by Ashwin Bhandarkar on an interesting theme. Very enriching and informative with wonderful contributions and comments!! Mera ek sapna hai dekhoon tujhe — Khoobsurat Thanks for sharing it. If you do your fundamental analysis, you will understand that the reason for the fall in the listed price was because the showman was past his prime and the dreamgirl was not yet the dreamgirl then.

Possibly the producers of the film went only by technical analysis. I must stop before I start uttering more gibberish. Is this your real opinion about me? That I utter gibberish? I am so hurt and angry! I will not forget this insult for the rest of my life! Likewise there are some where such words occur mid way in stanzas. What really amazing is that they were common in vintage as well as Non Filmi Songs. Tum aao chham chham karti , Yeh kaun aaya savere savere …. I salute your passion, your commitment and your empathy for SoY authors!

To make a confession, I do not listen to all the songs in an SoY post most times. I must learn to emulate you in this regard. It would never have struck me had you not pointed it out. I did some Googling and discovered that the name of the taal is Sasthi and that it was created by Tagore himself. What an incredibly creative man! I was being lazy and I apologize for the same. Thanks for pointing my mistake out. Film is Akashdeep. He is talking about his own dream coming true.

Pehle mile the sapnon men — Zindagi. He is dreaming about what she is dreaming. In the last song everything including the sleep of her was in his dreams, but, here in Boy Friend, he is watching her sleep though she is faking the sleep and thinking that she is dreaming. Hans 69, You have addressed a question to me. This question often arises and I have expressed my views earlier too.

On such theme-specific posts my view is that the relevant word should occur in the song prominently. It is just for practical convenience. Otherwise the posting becomes unregulated and we end up interpreting whether it fits the theme. I wanted to maintain peace but now you have forced me to say what I feel:. AK ji I agree with your view that the theme word should be included in the song otherwise it will become a subjective exercise of interpretation.

For example one can then consider Aa chal ke tujhe or wo subaha kabhi to aayegi as daydreaming songs if the person is a Trump supporter in the first case and an outright capitalist in the second case. Sapne me dekha sapna Thoda hai thode ki jaroorat hai I find that till this post this has not been mentioned, if it is then forgive me These can be considered as Level 1 dream songs 2 The songs having the theme words or their variants but do not show dream on screen Most of the songs may fall in this class EG Jeevan ki bagiya , Tere mere sapne ab This is level 2 category 3 The songs which show dream on screen but do not use the theme words or their variants EG Hum kale hai to kya hua Dilwale hai Mehbooba Mehbooba bana lyo mujhe dulha Mai re main kase kahoon Mehbooba teri tasveer mentioned by Hans ji This is level 3 category 4 The songs which use neither the theme words including their variants nor show dream on screen but can be interpreted as dream songs because the thought expressed in the song is like a dream that will never be fulfilled hence a daydream.

EG Aa chal ke tujhe This is level 4 category. Chori chori koi aaye ….. Chand Taare tod laoon saari duniya….. Amendment is required in the example given above. I wanted to post aa chal ke tujhe with a brief write up this being a song my son likes since his childhood But got mixed up here.

Vide this amendment it is deleted. It is one of the scores of songs that I got to hear thanks to SoY. I had toyed with the idea of including the songs from Rajnigandha and Chitchor that you have cited, in my post but I eventually dropped the idea. Had no idea that Nitin Mukesh had started singing way back in — a time when his dad was alive — itself. Thanks for citing it. Yes, I agree with your categorization. The tune is appropriately melancholy. Thanks for the compliments in your inimitable style!

Thanks especially for the lovely song by Jagmohan Sursagar. I confess that I had never heard of him. There is a lot of Raga Amritavarshini, a Carnatic raga, in it! Here it is:. Is the song-situation supposed to be that of a dream? I have not watched the film. A typical SJ song from the 60s! Must have been one of the first songs in which synchronized swimming was shown!

As Dr. Shetty has remarked 54, this must have been the last song that he recorded in his voice. Aapne diya hai itne gaanon ka shower Hats off to your memory power! Incidentally, Nitin Mukesh turned 70 yesterday. The song.. Wish me luck as you wave me good bye.. Simi being given a send off following her wedding. Then, of course, SSS, NM songs I like.. So gaya ye jahan.. Kiski chali hai, kiski chalegi.. Dama dum Masth Qalandar…..

I could not fit into one of my categories and there were already too many, so I dropped it! I found the violin interlude from to very intriguing — it lends a very Western touch to what is a typically Carnatic-sounding song! Who are the singers? The raga is also known as Pratiksha. I remember listening to a radio interview of his in which he had spoken about this.

Had no idea it was composed by Bappi Lahiri! The singer seems to be Zohra Ambalewali. How I wish I had remembered to include it in my post but I would have been stumped regarding how to categorize it. Sounderarajan and T. Regarding violin piece, it may be noted that T. Ramamurthy of V-R combination is a trained violinist. This picture was produced by Kannadasan himself.

It seems, even if one can locate a few Bandishes on Sapna, Khwab will remain a dream. Rahulji has mentioned Phir kahi koi phool khila by Manna dey for Anubhav Here is one more song from Anubhav, sung by Geeta Dutt under Kanu Roy — Koi chupke se aake sapne sulake mujhko jagaake bole. You have already scored a century. With expansion of the theme to antaraas by Bhatiaji and Dr Pradeep Shetty ji, and others , it will be touching a double century in no time.

Let me contribute another single. I am guilty of posting category 4 song. Chhota sa ghar hoga badalon ki chhaon mein. Talking about dreams always remind of these unfulfilled simple sapne of simple people. And this one is his close to heart khwab. Here a ditty, there a ditty, So many in his kitty! Yes, of late, a dreamer. The very wise Blog Master Pulled the leg of his very nice guest writer, Alas! Friends they are no more!

Enters the ignorant doctor , Saying I wanna wanna be the peace maker! Dushman na kare dost ne jo kaam… So said, mildly, the Guest Writer, Mere dushman tu meri dosti ko tarse.. Doctor unites them, and makes them promise We are , once more, friends forever. But, there is one wonderful , vintage song. Tere khayal mein mere bachpan ki zindagi gujri.. Kahan hai tu mere sapno ka Raja? The song O sapno ka Raja O sapno ki Rani.. Dr Shetty , Ashwin, There was once a doctor called Dr Shetty His patient, the Pun -dit Pun -e-kar was very witty But the doctor could not treat punny bones Instead the Pun -dit turned him into one of his clones And Dr Shetty started writing ditty after ditty.

Thank you. Friends and relatives call me Rhyme Master! You are witty, both subtly and overtly and match Ashwin ji word for word word. And, that is no small fete. Thank you for including me, a lesser mortal, in the August company. Believe me, just a few seconds back I suddenly remembered an Asha song from a movie which is among my all time favorite favorite favorites ; also having 3 superlative Geeta Dutt songs that I absolutely love.

Meri baat rahi mere man mein Kuch keh na saka uljhan mein Mere sapne adhoori Hue nahin poori Aag lage jeevan mein…. An absolute contrast to the chulbuli, teasing Bhanwra bada naadaan.. With these two songs and Saakiya aaj mujhe neend nahin aayegi.. Asha proves she is the fit candidate for the unenviable job of being the second voice in a film with 3 GD gems.. Na jao sainya chuda ke bainya.. Piya aiso jiya mein..

Koi door se aawaz de chale aao hauntingly beautiful! Ashwin ji, Unfulfilled dreams, as in the above mentioned song falls in the shattered dreams category or can be considered a a sub classs? Jo raat ko jaldi soye Aur subah ko jaldi jaage Un bachhon se door door duniya ke dukh bhage… ….

Ghar choota, kismet rooti, … Raste par bhi so kar jisne Dekhe meete sapne…. Though a brother is singing this to his younger sister, the visuals zoom on people sleeping on the footpath. So, Their dreams? Zindagi Zindagi mere ghar aana.. Magar ab jo aana , dheere se aana Yahan ek Shehzadi soyi hui hai Ye pariyon ke sapno mein khoyi hui hai..

I endorse Hans ji comments , Poetry and prose some time brings wonder healing products available in plenty but seldom used. You have right prescription for up healing the saddened ones. Poetry , yes. Remembring old Rafi song [ may not fit in this theme , but a good poitic song ]…Kuchh aisi pyari shakl mere mehbooba ki hai….. Kuchh aisi pyari shakl mere dilruba ki hai.. Rafi — HasratJaipuri — Madan Mohan.. Naya Kanoon With so many songs to dwell upon , it really need to slow down to enjoy both heard and rare songs.

So far the songs belonged to A or B class movies as well as vintage songs beyond golden periods…now it is worth wise to know some of the rare beautiful songs that belonged to C grade movies. As a starter here is one …. Song : main to tere haseen khayalon mein kho gaya.. Film : Sangram , Singer : Rafi,. Pradipji Where do you put this sapno ka Rajkumar by a debutant who tied with no less than Prince of playback singing. I had planned to resume responding to comments later this afternoon, and to resume where I had left off but could not resist returning earlier than planned when I espied your respective excellent poetic efforts.

So, here is a ditty dedicated to the Doctor from Dakshina Kannada:. The good doc from Mangalore Contributes immensely to Songs of Yore He knows songs on every topic Whether mundane or exotic And has us craving for more. As Forms follow Functions….

Music follows Heart. Music is Life that is why our heart beats. Look at the black and white keys of piano and you get up to dance with their notes. Waltz music and dance numbers have been my favorite beats that make me swayed with it …no matter if my feet goes up to the three fourth of a feet. Naushad , Shankar Jaikishan, Madan Mohan …. But here is S D Burman who is in his masterly touch in one of his melodies of golden period ….

After silence music follows the trails of lyrics in deep forests where walking over dry leaves also adds up to the melodies of the lost world. A very interesting and well written post with so many nice songs. I do not think I can add more to what has been said at SOY. The classification made it useful to focus on different types of songs dealing with dreams.

There could be many such words. I, like the interviewer, was taken aback at this explanation! Ek thi nindiya , do thi naina.. Some special imagery here! Aa aayega kaun yahan.. Duet with the King of Playback singing.. Jaan E Chaman Shola badan. A multiple versions song.. Aa aajaa gale laga.. Rafi, one version, Sharda two versions!

A duet with Rafi. SURAJ, , came next. With Titli udi, she had another song.. Dekho mera dil machal machal gaya.. Interestingly, here also we see birds flying as in Titli! But I do not see any connection between the song and day-dreaming. Dams and embankments are still holding the torrent of songs , some hidden at bottom of the dam reservoir silt and only to be scored by silt washing sluices. In a Dam we provide Fish Ladders too enabling fish to get transfered from upstream to downstream.

Dr Shetty After rinsing their mouths with your poetic medication syrup and sanitizing their fingers, both of them have started poetic pleasantries. So why should not I also try a hand. Just a doha. Akji bridges the space between the readers and plays the Aces to a great effect. And both of them have many more cards in their hand. But Pradeepji is turning out to be the trump card and never fails to surprise us with quickly setting up winners and taking tricks.

In SoY he has established a reputation of being the person having the fastest recall, whether it comes to songs, dialogues, film details…you name it. And we are really privileged to be among the Pundits and Poets. Yesterday there was some problem and that may be the reason. Reposting the songs posted earlier 87, I am posting two songs, one from a Tamil film and another from a Bengali film.

While the Hindi version was a blockbuster hit, the Tamil version flopped badly. So the makers subsequently aborted the idea of dubbing it in English. But all the songs of the Tamil version became popular. The lyrics written by Kambadasan. The songs were sung by P Susheela and Jikki. Six songs from the version can be found in the You Tube.

Kanavu kanda kaadhal, kadhai kanneeraachchae Nilaa veesum vaanil, mazhai soozhalaachchae …. Undhan kaadhalin kanavellaam kanneeraachchae….. Am familiar with the 1st and 3rd songs — they are quite well-known. How in the world do you remember songs like the 2nd and 4th ones that you have cited? They are so obscure! This tune looks like to be influenced by SJ my personal view. Thanks for the compliments! Yes, there are zillions of songs on dreams and they have been pouring in over the past 3 days.

I agree with you that my categories are not exhaustive and this has been proved by the songs suggested by readers which defy slotting into the buckets that I had come up with. A happy that it has been cited! I am overwhelmed by the of songs that you have cited! It will take me ages to listen to all of them even if I confine myself to listening only to those that I am not familiar with, simply because your list contains more of this type of songs than the ones that I am familiar with. But Hans also seems to be inspired to try his hand at some poetry And you are by nature a Kavi.

If you enter the filed all competition vanishes. During this time many comments got posted in full. But it seems now you have completed what you wanted to say. Do you want me to do anything now? Bhatiyaji You have suggested to move on to beautiful songs from C graders. I doubt whether this is a beautiful song but I am sure about the movie. Soon afterwards, I remembered a fourth. I thought I had then posted it. So, they were the first songs I remembered on reading the title of the post.

Sure enough, the most well known among the I wanted to wait for at least 3, 4 days to see when will the other 2 get posted. More on him later. The song that I thought would remain unnoticed is yet to be posted. End of day 5. I will post the nice ,comical song. Mukesh, Pandit Pundits to note! Narendra Sharma, Anil Biswas. Dharmendra was mentioned. We saw his back, first sitting on an armchair and then standing, in the evergreen Hemant Kumar creation.. Main ek chor, Tu meri Rani.. In a very rare example, the lines Hum dono ne dekha tha replacing hai ek sapna Kahin pe chota sa ek ghar tha for hai apna become the mukhda of an entirely different song..

Haan toh main kya keha raha tha? Kaise shabdon ko chun rahe the Sundar nagme bun rahe the Hum sab khush hoke sun rahe the! After the completion and posting of this article Ashwinji took back the virtual hanky that he threw in to reserve this topic. Let us go a bit slow on our postings so that he is able to catch up with the pending comments and songs. AK 66 Ashwin The verdict is I have to concede.

But the ambiguity for me still remanins. Mumbaikar8, This is a unique telepathy. Even after the verdict in my favour on Aankhon mein humne aapke sapne sajaye hain I had precisely the same doubt and then I saw your comment. The information about the inspiration for the Detective song was new to me! I checked the link that you had provided. If that is so then right in the beginning the title should have restricted to these two words. Maybe we can be cautious in future posts.

In fact there could be some useful conditions that could be considered while posting of readers comments. However, Sinha backed out of the project because he wanted to retain the original starcast , which was not agreeable with the producer. It was the last movie Meena Kumari accepted, in spite of her failing health. Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha, doing villainous roles, got their first major break in sympathetic characters. Salil Chowdhury scored the music.

Ankhon mein neend na hoti Aansoo hi tairte rehte Khwabon mein jaate hum raat bhar Koi toh gam apnata Koi toh saathi hota…. So natural, conveying his inner sadness without any melodrama! Samita Sanyal, probably, was the only artist to feature in both the languages. Four hours!?

Some of you may wonder! Look again, four tasks there, Ghoomna, nahana, gaana gaana,khana, Aisa time management sab ke bas ka hai na! Na, Baba, na! Bilkul, ajeebaat, hargiz na! Kabhi na, kahin na! Aisa multitasker aur koi Na! Oh Doctor, with the onslaught of posts, Trouble him no more. Rest of the agenda for night.. Songs on dreams are flowing Rapidly with no signs of slowing Experts are also having fun With poetry and pun With all this SOY is glowing.

AKji , First I should have thanked you and our one member technical team earlier, for resolving the problem. I understand you are not in the run with masters, since you are the grand-master. Besides Hansji, Giriji too have thrown in his hat. And I in a role of a poet; poetics and I are poles apart. At the most I can be an apology for a poet.

There are so many examples that SoYers have already provided, and I am sure we will have many more. I wish the video had been available. I searched for it on YouTube but to no avail. Was the song dropped from the movie? Thanks for your comments. Your vast and boundless knowledge on hindi film songs is truly impressive and your ability to provide songs on any topic or word and related information is amazing!!

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In the first place, It is her response. Now the picturization. She is sitting on the throne with her eyes closed, he places the crown on her head she opens her eyes and the song starts. Moving away from Gulzar to Nida Fazli. In this song khwab is in antara, another dream come true song. And now Javed Akhtar. If I am not ill-informed he inherited her poems. Mumbaikar8 , I am already converted. We need to get more Ayes change to No. Ajanabi kaun ho tum jab se tumhein dekha hai is a beautiful song.

I had heard it earlier, but had not listened to it carefully. Thanks a lot. Mere sarhane jalao sapne mujhe zara si to neend aaye. Chaudhavin ka Chand ho Ya Aftab ho.. Jaan E Bahar tum kisi shayar ka khwab ho.. Kahin deep jale kahin dil Jara dekh le aakar parwane.. Na main sapna hoon Na koi raaz hoon.. Interesting to note that Shakeel Badayuni received the FF best lyricist awards for both the songs, with the shagird and the usthad! Also, both Rafi and Lata won the best singer awards. I am afraid that I have violated the guideline that you have mentioned of confining citations in comments on theme-based posts to songs that contain the theme-words in the main post itself.

I will keep the guideline in mind for future posts and comments. If I remember right, I had missed out on the equivalent of your 4th category even though I did have songs of this type. As for the song from Khatta Meetha, you are the first one to mention it in the context of this article.

Here is the link:. Had it been filmed in the 90s or later, it would have had 50 extras keeping the dancing couple company! The MD for the 2nd song is one A. Darshan — a new name for me! Not knowing anything about him, I assume that he was an unknown MD then. That he got Rafi and Lata to sing for him at a time they were super-busy recording for the big guns speaks highly of their professionalism!

Losing dream is like losing mind. But I will not trade my single yester period dream songs for a bunch of current songs. Dreams laid heart and soul right in your eyes……. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Pradeepji , I would like make a correction. Thought I would include the links for the convenience of SoYers:. Burman, Lyricist — Sahir Ludhianvi , from Pyaasa Burman MD — S. Hard to imagine that Nitin Mukesh is 70 years old!

I had guessed that the male singer was TMS. The sad version of the song is also beautiful. It is so unfortunate that we do not have the video of the song sequence from the film. To stay not just relevant, but to be able to come across as the voice of a generation some 60 years younger than him speaks of how young he is at heart! Thanks for brokering peace between the warring parties!

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