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brian mcclellan powder mage trilogy torrent

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When Death comes looking for someone to track down a thief, Alek is flung into a mess of vengeful undead, supernatural bureaucracy, and a fledgling imp war. As the consequences of failure become dire, he has few leads, and the clock is ticking.

Only with the help of his friend Maggie—an ancient djinn with a complex past—can he hope to recover the stolen property, save the world, and just maybe wring a favor out of the Great Constant himself. It's a hell of a job, but somebody's got to do it. The Dynize have unlocked the Landfall Godstone, and Michel Bravis is tasked with returning to Greenfire Depths to do whatever he can to prevent them from using its power; from sewing dissention among the enemy ranks to rallying the Palo population.

Ben Styke's invasion of Dynize is curtailed when a storm scatters his fleet. Coming ashore with just twenty lancers, he is forced to rely on brains rather than brawn - gaining new allies in a strange land on the cusp of its own internal violence. Bereft of her sorcery and physically and emotionally broken, Lady Vlora Flint now marches on Landfall at the head of an Adran army seeking vengeance against those who have conspired against her. While allied politicians seek to undo her from within, she faces insurmountable odds and Dynize's greatest Sergeant Tamas, a young infantryman in the Adran Army, struggles to keep his squad alive despite the blundering incompetence of their superior officers.

Not only does Tamas have the curse of being an ambitious commoner in an army where rank is purchased rather than earned, he is also a powder mage. His magical ability to manipulate gunpowder is frowned upon by officers and feared by Privileged sorcerers. When the Adran Army is about to give up on the siege of an enemy fortress, Tamas seizes upon the opportunity to prove his worth as a strategist and mage.

When invasion looms Tamas's invasion of Kez ends in disaster when a Kez counter-offensive leaves him cut off behind enemy lines with only a fraction of his army, no supplies, and no hope of reinforcements. Drastically outnumbered and pursued by the enemy's best, he must lead his men on a reckless march through northern Kez to safety, and back over the mountains so that he can defend his country from an angry god, Kresimir.

But the threats are closer to home In Adro, Inspector Adamat wants only to rescue his wife. To do so he must track down and confront the evil Lord Vetas. He has questions for Vetas concerning his enigmatic master, but the answers will lead Adamat on a darker journey. Who will lead the charge?

Tamas's generals bicker among themselves, the brigades lose ground every day beneath the Kez onslaught, and Kresimir wants the head of the man who shot him in the eye. With Tamas and his powder cabal presumed dead, Taniel Two-shot finds himself as the last line of defense against Kresimir's advancing army.

In a rich, distinctive world that mixes magic with technology, who could stand against mages that control gunpowder and bullets? Guns, swords, and magic together? What more could you want? How about tense action, memorable characters, rising stakes, and cool, cool magic? Not only the finest flintlock fantasy I've read, but also the most fun. Brian McClellan is the real thing. I found myself enjoying every moment of it.

Innovative magic, quick-paced plot, interesting world. I had a blast. The stories he tells are the stories we'll be reading for years to come. A thoroughly satisfying yarn that should keep readers waiting impatiently for further installments. An explosive combination. Promise of Blood is the best debut I've read in ages.

Brett "I love the world Brian McClellan builds, Powder Mages with flintlock pistols against white-gloved Privileged for the fate of a nation and more. Just as good as the first time around, but I tell ya I probably should have waited for the re-read because I still don't know when I'm going to get to the second and third one!

My poor little brain couldn't keep up with all of the people and what was going on, but my peeps in the book group said it gets better. And guess what? It did, I started to learn some of the people and what was going on. Now make no mistake, I am still a little confused about things but I always am in books and that's okay.

This book is told through 3 different POV's. We have Tamas, who decided to lets just say take everyone out and try to make things better - ish. We have Adamat, who is a retired cop that is hired to look into some things. Then we have Taniel, he is Tamas son and he's awesome! Taniel is a powder mage and they can do a lot of things with gun powder involving magic.

Taniel can shoot for lonnnnnnnnnnnnngggg distances as well. I'm not going to try to explain all of these things as I will get confused. There are different people with all kinds of different powers in the book. And after a bunch of people are executed, the shite hits the fan and there is war and all kinds of stuff going on. It was such fun! My favorite character was Taniel because he was just too cool. But there are other people that work with some of the people in the book that I loved as well.

Ka-poel works with Taniel and she's beyond bad to the bone. I'm sure we will learn more about her in other books. Taniel found his father's command post just out of range of the royalist barricades. The empty streets were full of rubbish, the passing stones damp from a brief rain the night before.

The city smells threatened to overcome his senses, enhanced from the near-constant powder trance he'd been in for two weeks. Ka-poel was at his side. Even after all this, she was still mystified by the sight of the city-so many buildings, each one so tall on every side. She didn't like it. Too many people, she had indicated with a series of gestures. Too many buildings. Taniel sympathized.

His real talent as a powder mage was being able to float a bullet for miles-to make long shots across the widest battlefield. What good was that when his view was obstructed on all sides? We have Olem who is a guard to Tamas and I like Tamas too.

It seems someone is always coming after Adamat and his big ole family even though he hid them away. This book has so much magic involved with gunpowder and different things. It's really hard to explain but it was fun reading about one or the other that had magic, snorting the powder. I can't even imagine. Lol Great book once I figured out who was who and what was going on for the most part. View all 28 comments.

A manly story of maleness and men doing stuff. There's so much sausage in this, it's practically a BBQ. Women are around to be low-impact stupid, with the sole exception of Ka-poel who is a super handy, super magic user and, once Taniel realises she's actually an age appropriate 'savage' instead of the child he thought she was, a possible love interest.

And yes, they call her that repeatedly. To her face. Well kinda, because for most of the book they talk about her like she's not even there. Unt A manly story of maleness and men doing stuff. Until, of course, she shows just how useful she is. Read as: fetishism of the powerful savage.

She's just not civilised , don't you know? Damn good job she can't talk, eh? It seems familiar, this kind of attitude On top of that the author manages to shoehorn in 'magnetic Privileged' with their harems, 'especially the males', a sexy sorceress who has been a bad, bad girl, and a brothel run by the head of the city's Church.

To be fair, I was never going to like like after seeing that soldier described by her breast size. It's a shame, because it'd be a much better read without all the misogyny. This wasn't written that long ago.

Come on boys, you can do better. View all 55 comments. The best components were the characters. It struck me as profound in several places of the book how damn good McClellan was as creating deep connections between his characters to the point where it felt like reading about real people making it all the more poignant when something happened to one of them. The character profiles were nuanced and detailed, and they always played brilliantly off of one another.

And then he took those fantastic characters and made them funny as shit. It sent the book up a few more notches. And then there was even a cool magic system or two. Its casual inclusion in the story was brilliant, and pretty much notched this book into the solid 5-star category for me. Well done, is all I can say. Personally, I ate up every single moment and would gladly sit through a reread.

If anything the slower beginning made the whirlwind of the end that much more exciting by contrast. Either way, book 2 has the highest priority spot. It had the perfect blend of mystery, magic, humor, and an extra splash of brilliance when it came to the characters.

Depending on how the series goes, this could shape up to be a top recommend for me. Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www. View all 22 comments. May 03, Luna. I swear, I had the feeling I had when I first read mistborn.. I love when you find a book you can't put down! Every chance I got to read this book I would drop all my other priorities. Even eating! This is my favourite read of so far.

One bullet at a time. No, he realized. He was Taniel Two-Shot. He'd take two at once. I've been waiting forever for an author like Sanderson, his writing is so unique and simple. Brian's is very similar but it was still different. In my honest opinion Sanderson is still the king and I don't think his student will ever surpass his awesomeness obviously, no one can.

But Brian McClellan has a new mega fangirl. Basically the plot is about Field Marshall Tamas who has just killed the King of his country to help the citizens of his country. But in doing so he has provoked a war with the Nine Nations. Tamas is stretched to his limit and only has his Powder Mages to protect him. People are comparing it to Full Metal Alchemist and I think that's a perfect comparison for the magic system, so if your a FMA fan, you'll love this series.

It also features another POV from Nila but she only had a few chapters. I thought Adamants POV was less exciting, his meant to be a detective but he wasn't a very clever one imo. I also didn't enjoy Nila's mainly because, i hate her guts, but hers was still more exciting then Adamants. She's now one of my all time favourite female characters ever. Like this chick is the definition of badass, she's also a very special snowflake because she's a mute.

My favourite was Taniel, I love Taniel so much. My beautiful, troubled, sweet, black powder sniffing babe. I'll be fangirling from the grave. View all comments. Jun 06, Daniel B. Not revolutionary, or deeper than most, but a ROCK solid fantasy entry. I could see where people would have problems, but damn, I just had fun with this one. View 2 comments. Feb 05, Petros Triantafyllou rated it it was amazing. Promise of Blood is one of those books you pick up with low expectations and they proceed to blow your mind.

The storytelling was great, as was the pace. Interesting circumstances kept occuring, and the tension was building slowly but steadily. Brian McClellan is unique on codifying the inherent over-specificity of juxtapositions. People do not exist to serve their governments or their kings. Governments exist to serve the people, so the people should have a say in those go Promise of Blood is one of those books you pick up with low expectations and they proceed to blow your mind.

Governments exist to serve the people, so the people should have a say in those governments. Never in my life have i read such well composed fictional characters. I completely understood every decision they made, every word they said, every action they took, even in minor characters like Ka-poel or Mihali. I do have a problem withe one specific character though.

It's something that i not once read in other reviews, and it keeps bothering me. One of the protagonists, Adamat, is considered the finest detective of the country. More than once i read about his detective skills, and i was expecting some Sherlock-Poirot-Batman thing to happen. It didn't happen. The guy was just walking around asking questions, until finally someone gave him answers.

No detective skills at all. Yet no other reviewer was bothered by it. Of particular interest is the fact that many of the smaller plot arcs were very short. Every time a minor problem arises in the story, the resolution comes very soon afterwards, giving you a constant feeling of danger, without actually endangering the characters or the general plot arc. All in all, it was a very good book, but i will wait to finish the whole trilogy before i recommend it to someone. Update: Just finished the trilogy, totally recommend it!

Update no2: Half a year passed, and i realized i loved it more than i originally thought. I made a terrible mistake and read Mark Lawrence's review before reading the book, so every time i read about a state called Fatrasta i kept imagining fat Rastafarians. View all 4 comments. Actual rating: 4. But this book Actual rating: 4. But this book kept popping up in the recommendations page and it was critically acclaimed and I was starting to get curious. So, I decided to give it a shot just to see is my imagination, or should I say, slightly formed prejudice, the right guess.

I expected a boring warfare documentary and instead I got a rollicking blockbuster spectacle! This is the kind of book that grabs you from the first page refuses to let you go. The king of Adro and his royal cabal are dead and the military leader of the coup, Tamas, now faces resistance from the Royalist army, impending threat of war from the bordering nation Kez, troubles with his own council and ancient prophecy about a god's wrath.

This story has brilliant depth, with plethora of things happening to get you reading long into the night. Magic system is truly rich and inventive. I mentioned the royal cabal and they are an example of a more traditional magic system; they are called Privileged and they use their natural gifts and rune covered gloves to control the elements through the 'Else', the source of magic.

As their counterbalance, we have the Powder Mages or Marked as they are called. They can magically control gunpowder, setting it off with their own power. They are also consuming the powder which allows them to enter in a state of trance which enhances their strength and senses.

The relationship between Privileged and Marked plays a big role in the flux of the world. There are also characters known as Knacked and they have abilities like no need of sleep or perfect memory and although being less magically gifted, they contribute to the story nonetheless. McClellan has no shortage of interesting characters and in the end you'll have trouble deciding about your favorite. This gripping fantasy novel is bursting with outstanding action sequences, political intrigue, awesome and well developed characters and cool magic system, so naturally, I'm excited to find out where McClellan takes us in the next installment of this potentially excellent series.

View all 32 comments. Apr 18, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. Because we love Fantasy in every shape and form:- Well, this was a pleasant surprise! Flint Lock Fantasy is nothing new for me, but this is the debut book for this author and you never know how it would go, despite the many good reviews. Now they have to figure out how to govern a nation severely divided in factions and figure out what other dangers await them.

In order to discover the more veiled threats, Thamas hires Adamant, a weathered inspector, to start snooping around. For the more physical dangers he can rely on his mages and his estranged son, Thaniel, who also happens to belong to the group of Mages who use gun powder as their fuel and drive behind their particular kind of talent. Thaniel is a legend among his peers despite his youth, but seems to have an unhealthy addiction to the powder and could bring much unfortune on himself..

On top of all that, the young soldier has just returned from an assignment on the front after two years and discoveres his fiance in bed with another man Needless to say, he is not pleased Good thing he has a young Savage girl to look after him The three guys are our main characters and most of the action in the book happens around them, each having POV of their own.

As always, I am a big fan of changing POV's since I find they give the reader a wider panoramic view of the story and all of its components. As I already mentioned, the Savage girl is awesome and probably my favorite character at this point. The Field Marshall is larger than life, his son is searching for his approval, Adamant is right on the verge of being over the hill, and the political health of the land is a minefield! Add a weird religion with some of the most corrupt and debauched clergy, wizards who want to destroy the powder mages and bring back their G-D, a budding proletariat, vengeful royalists, and a hostile neighboring country which wants to invade and take over, and you have the bases of this exciting plot.

Having so much going on, I can understand the more minimalistic approach to writing the author has chosen to employ. That is not to say that the writing is perfect. No, there are some issues, but the potential is there and I think with some more experience and additional editing, the following books will only get better! So, if you like a Fantasy story with bayonets and grenades instead of swords and rapiers, but still full of magic and supernatural creatures, mixed with some detective Colombo, this is for you!!!!

So go get it and enjoy! Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a Good book!!! View all 37 comments. May 02, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: , fantasy. In the aftermath of a bloody coup against the monarchy, Field Marshal Tamas struggles to hold the country together while trying to figure out who among his trusted allies is a traitor.

Meanwhile, his estranged son goes into the mountains to kill a friend and stumbles upon a plot to summon a god As I've said in other reviews, there are certain times when a reader stumbles upon a book that hits all the sweet spots.

For me, one of those special books was Promise of Blood. I've read a fair amount o In the aftermath of a bloody coup against the monarchy, Field Marshal Tamas struggles to hold the country together while trying to figure out who among his trusted allies is a traitor. I've read a fair amount of fantasy over the years but I find myself tiring of quest stories set in worlds resembling medieval Europe, frequently with a heaping helping of medieval stasis thrown in.

A lot of fantasy seems to be rehashes and brings very little new to the party. Not only does Promise of Blood bring a lot of new things to the party, it brings the party with it. The book opens with Tamas making an effort to finish the coup and clean up his mess. Meanwhile, his son Taniel returns from foreign lands with a big reputation and a chip on his shoulder. Things are quickly ratcheted up a notch and things never let up.

The setting is similar to the era of the French revolution, complete with gun powder and guillotines. That was enough to interest me, along with the tagline "The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it," which hints at how innovative this book is compared to most fantasy on the racks. Throw in the magic system and I didn't stand a chance.

In addition to the Privileged, the usual wizardly types, we have the Knacked, who have one or two small magical talents, and the Marked, who are a bit more powerful and possessed of a mystical third eye. Some of the Marked become Powder Mages, spellcasters who can use gun powder to do some pretty cool things. Another thing that kept me reading well into the wee hours was the shifting points of view, from Tamas to his son Taniel to Adamat, the investigator Tamas tasked with finding the traitor, who happens to have some secrets as well.

The characters are an interesting mix, from Tamas with his stubborn streak to Adamat and his conflict over his duty vs. Taniel Two-Shot snorting lines of gun powder and the resulting nosebleeds will stick with me for a while. It's quite a bit more complicated than my summary has indicated. This is one book I wouldn't want to spoil for anyone. It has everything I look for in a fantasy novel: grit, action, intrigue, surprises, and new ideas rather than rehashing old ones.

Five powder-burned stars! Now if I could just snag an ARC of the sequel View all 13 comments. Dec 31, Bookwraiths rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , favorites , own. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths. When this debut novel by Brian McClellan first hit shelves several years ago, it had loads of hype.

Everyone seemed to be raving about how creative it was, how amazing the powder mages were, and how cool the whole flintlock fantasy setting was. And because of all that great word-of-mouth, I. Might sound strange, I know, but I did have a good reason: I never seem to like hyped books. Not sure why, but we do n Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths. Not sure why, but we do not ever seem to hit it off. So I decided to wait and see on the series.

Promise of Blood is a flintlock fantasy revelation. A splendid marriage of fantasy magic and French Revolution Era science. A place where guns and spells via for control. A world where deadly combat, explosive sorcery, godly intervention, political revolution, and personal tragedies rule the day. Simply put, this is damn good stuff here! Now, though, the difficult part starts, as he tries to hold the diverse members of his rebellion together, gather additional allies, and put together a new government.

Quickly, Mr. When you add to this a certain addiction Taniel brings home with him, it gels into quite the wonderful plot, as Tamas and his son dance around one another throughout. Then there is the mystery, because we have to have one really. There are so many great things about this novel, I really find it hard to only name one or two. Honestly, all the different aspects of the story blend together so well, so completely, it is difficult to separate them. They really belong together.

Each supporting the other, making the story better for their inclusion. The whole greater than the individual parts. First, the flintlock fantasy setting, which is so similar to French Revolution Era Europe, sucked me in. He did an amazing job molding Adro and its world into a doppleganger of real world France, then turned it on its head with powder mages, magical cabals, and gods. The place is absolutely amazing. Second, those powder mages and their magical talent.

What I do wonder is how none of us thought of such a simple yet freaking amazing idea? Third, Mr. McClellan brought these characters to life. Each person had good and bad qualities; they would do amazing things before turning around and being petty or ridiculously judgmental. Yes, that includes Tamas or Taniel. Both of these guys had moments where I desperately wanted to slap some sense into them, lecture them on what idiots they were being.

And that is when I knew all these people were now real to me, because those are exactly the types of reactions I have to real life people every day. Lastly, I loved the shifting points of view. From Tamas to Taniel to all the others, Mr. Plus, I not only heard our main characters justifications for their behavior, but witness how they themselves truly behaved. Quickly, I was able to see them not as divinely inspired heroes, but as real people doing the best they could and sometimes failing miserably in dramatic and desperate circumstances.

As for any criticisms, they would all be personal dislikes of this character or that, this behavior or that, or this decision or that. Nothing related to Mr. Not very often do I give five stars to novels as I have Promise of Blood. Perhaps it was merely a case of the right book at the right time for me, but I really believe it is more than that. Rather this debut novel by Brian McClellan reminds me of a house remodel. Here he has taken a standard fantasy story, stripped away the usual environment and classic elements medieval Europe and whatnot then rebuilt a flintlock fantasy upon its sturdy frame.

View all 16 comments. Shelves: fantasy , machalo-tbr-cleaning-challenge , outrageously-overhyped-fishsauce , br , set-sail-for-disappointment , my-friends-corrupted-my-soul , feminism-just-committed-suicide , awakens-the-homicidal-maniac-in-me , military-deliciousness , emotional-flatland-inc.

Post-review rating : 1. Because I'm ruthless like that. Okay , so this book could have been pretty greatly great. Only that it wasn't. There was potential there. Lots of potentially awesome potential. Only that it went poof after the first few chapters in less time than it takes to say "get off my back and go skewer some puny humans, murderous children mine! But hey, I've always had a weakness for exquisitely severed heads and therefore decided—very leniently, if I may say so myself—to give the author the benefit of the crap doubt.

Yeah, well, that'll teach me to be uncharacteristically compassionate, kind, forgiving, patient and stuff. You know what this book reminds me of, my Clueless Barnacles? And it featured delicious bastards and exquisite traitors galore. And the characters, if not entirely and most magnificently edible , were moderately interesting and stuff. As might or might not perhaps have possibly been the case in this most fascinating book here. Good thing it wasn't. Phew, that was close.

Lucky me and stuff. I'm beginning to think I might have read it wrong the first time around. Which very rarely happens. Me reading books wrong, I mean. But, hey accidents happen and stuff hide spoiler ]. Beware, for some fairly restrained screaming might shortly ensue. It might be a good idea to grab a pair of ear plugs and insert them in your puny human earring appendages.

What can I say, nobody's perfect and stuff. Sorry, what? Did venting in a most subdued way make me feel better, you ask? Yeah, maybe. A teensy little bit. Then again, maybe not. The female characters in this book are a most delightful bunch. And it doesn't matter that there are very very very very few of them while there are way too bloody shrimping many countless superbly manly males in the story. I mean, it's quality that matters, not quantity, right?

Anyway, the women in this splendid narrative are most beautifully complex and lively and stuff. And such wonderful role models for little girls everywhere, too! The kickass gentler sex is soooooo accurately and most magnificently represented here. Yay and stuff. But you know what one of the truly amazing things about this book is? I kid you not. Oh, goody.

Bloody stinking fish , how I love this book! And wait, it gets better! Because there is actually one female character in the book that I actually liked. No kidding and stuff. She is one of those disgustingly young things I usually abhor a little bit, too. So the fact that she is my favorite female character in this book should tell you something. Yes, it should. But anyway. That girl has viciously awesome potential indeed. She could have been phenomenally sensational and stuff.

So you'd think that, very logically, the author would have given her a strong, powerful voice and imposing presence , right? Of course he did. You know how? By making her a bloody fishing mute with less personality than an apathetic barnacle. Yeah, pretty much. Of course not. QED and stuff. You are quite welcome. Oh, noes! I just read yet another a book with a stellar average rating utterly wrong! View all 31 comments. This was a buddy read with my fellow fantasy fanatics at FBR.

Promise of Blood drops you right into the action from the first chapter. With a unique magic system and a diverse cast of characters this is a fast paced story that kept me turning the pages deep into the night. Field Marshall Tamas is doing what he thinks is right for his country by overthrowing the king and nobility of Adro, but the consequences may be more than he and his co-conspirators are ready to handle.

Events have been set This was a buddy read with my fellow fantasy fanatics at FBR. Events have been set in motion and the world they know will be gone if their enemies prevail. The storyline of this book was good, but I thought the characters are what made this 5 star material for me. The way they were portrayed and their individual struggles really brought out the heart of this story. I couldn't pick a favorite, so I will go with Taniel, Ka-poel, and Olem as my trio for this book.

Each character was vital to this story, but they stood out the most to me. The magic system was one of the best I have read in a while. Powder mages, Privileged sorcerers , and Knacked, and these all range in ability or what their specific knack is. It was very well thought out and made the battle scenes crazy exciting. I had a great time reading this, and can't wait to start the next book. I would recommend to all who love fantasy, military fantasy, or fiction readers in general.

View all 24 comments. Shelves: fantasy , adult. I got my copy earlier!! So now it's time for some sexy grandpa! View all 39 comments. Sep 11, Matthew rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , library , , series. Holy pit! This book was pretty good!

Not a typo - the most common exclamation in this universe is "pit Black powder artillery magic in a fantasy world? Yes, please! Lot's of action, intrigue, deceit, and magic. Oddly enough, even with all this it was a little slow in a few places.

Also, I swear there were a few big plot holes. There is one scene where I there was a character not there and in the middle of a one on one battle, the writing changed to include another character out of nowhere. Rea Holy pit! Read it a few times to see if I could make sense of it. But, even with the couple of iffy points, I can still recommend this highly to fantasy fans and I hope everyone will enjoy this unique approach.

I look forward to continuing the series. View all 8 comments. Jun 20, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: shelf , fantasy , worldbuilding-sf. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this book and while I was somewhat skeptical at first, I am quite pleased to announce that it was delightful.

What makes this stand out, though? I think it's mostly the characters, the bright pacing, and the magic system. A lot of these epic I've been hearing a lot of good things about this book and while I was somewhat skeptical at first, I am quite pleased to announce that it was delightful. A lot of these epic fantasies get bogged down with too many characters, IMHO, but this one keeps a great balance with three PoV's, truly interesting storylines for each, and a few that are sufficiently non-standard that it was just a breath of fresh air.

I mean, where else are we going to get octogenarian generals in the forefront of a big action tale and pull it off well enough that it's exciting and crusty and never boring? I tell you, it's a treat! Or an investigator who used to run a printing press being pressed into service as an investigator again for the revolution?

But what really stuck in my mind was the writing. I may be wrong about this little intuition, but there were enough stylistic callbacks in this novel to make me think I was reading some of Brent Weeks. Not only that I was tickled pink.

Again, I may be wrong about this, but I don't think I am. I'm putting this series on a "must grab" status in my mind. It reads quickly and deliciously and it was never a chore. It's a long book, to be sure, but it was still never a chore. I can't wait to see what the gods are going to do to us poor mortals. View all 9 comments. Actual rating : 3. You can find this review and more at Novel Notions. Alright, this was one of my most anticipated reads of !! And I should have learned by now to keep my expectations reasonable!

Don't get me wrong! This was a pretty good book and a debut , at that!! But despite bringing together amazing Fantasy elements and magic systems, Promise of Blood didn't blow my mind and there were some Actual rating : 3. But despite bringing together amazing Fantasy elements and magic systems, Promise of Blood didn't blow my mind and there were some details that bothered me a bit and that I will list below.

The age of kings is dead, [ In Promise of Blood, the equilibrium between magic and technology was totally enthralling! Against a backdrop of French revolution, a complex story of revenge, deception, betrayal, emancipation, survival and justice is told from 3 main POVs : a Field Marshal, a detective and a particularly skilled soldier.

Numerous tropes and genres intertwined in the book in perfect harmony : fantasy, military tactics, investigation, religions, politics You name it! Honestly, the way Brian McClellan juggled all these elements was fascinating! The magic systems were pretty intricate but one of the magics, in its principle, was in a way reminiscent of Allomancy Mistborn so I wasn't very surprised to learn that Brian McClellan has attended Sanderson's writing classes!

I also got my fair share of Fullmetal Alchemist vibes and it made me sooo happy because I'm an absolute fan of FMA and it brought me both a nostalgic touch and a closeness to McClellan's world! McClellan's writing was pretty sober and not very sophisticated. As the story unfolded, the plot thickened as more protagonists entered the game, some in plain sight others placing their pawns and tugging at the strings in the shadows.

Political intrigues, subterfuges and mysteries within mysteries are enough to keep you intrigued until the final climax! Then what went wrong? Despite all the great vibes and a cast of rather compelling characters, the story didn't totally grip me. I enjoyed it but I didn't love it. I was mesmerized when I was reading but when I had free time, I didn't die to pick up the book again. And it made me terribly sad! Because I wanted to love this book so badly! There were times where I felt very indifferent to what happened to some protagonists: One major character found himself in a dire and kinda tragic situation and he just accepted it!!

No denial, no despair, no rage. So I felt very detached at times and I couldn't bring myself to fully love or care about the characters except two of them. Which made the whole story a bit disjointed at times. And more importantly, some closures happened so fast, the tension didn't have enough time to build up fully before it was already over.

Some people may argue that considering the time setting 18 to 19th century , women didn't get access to high governmental or military functions. Well that's precisely my problem: women did get access to important positions in the book. Councils, workers unions, army, powerful sorcery cabals And those were pretty common!

Why didn't Vlora or Julene or Rozalia get one?? A close friend of mine asked me if women were poorly handled in this book and honestly I don't really think so because some of the female characters showed interesting and promising development and amazing skills so I still have hope for the next books! I just regret that they don't get as much importance and space than their male counterparts.

Conclusion Despite these points, this was a very good and enjoyable debut. I loved how some of the main characters weren't completely good or bad but more like real persons with struggles and doubts and tough choices and with equal potential to cruelty and to honor and kindness and justice. I loved the lore and myths and how religion was handled in this book. I also loved the comical situations and the sassy retorts the author included in his rather brutal setting.

If you're fan of Flintlock Fantasy or just Fantasy, really , you will probably love this book! And though it's only the first book of the trilogy and despite my complaints, I truly recommend Promise of Blood because it has a lot of compelling elements and influences to satisfy a wide range of readers! I just regret I didn't love it more! Jan 11, Solseit rated it really liked it.

Extended review on my blog and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about it! I was not able to stop thinking about it when I was not reading it. Sleep was secondary to reading. So I need to find a AA meeting for book readers.

Now, let's talk about the book though because this is what this media is dedicated to. The story is told with majestic skill. It s Extended review on my blog and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about it! It starts with a bang view spoiler [ a coup d'etat since the first page hide spoiler ] and it continues to deliver to extremely high standards.

The story is never overextended and it just keeps developing and intriguing more! The setting is just a bit refreshing. Carriages, rifles view spoiler [ guillotines hide spoiler ] are different than what I traditionally read in a fantasy story and I loved the delivery! It sounded like an Enlighted like Voltaire talking to King Luis XVI about what a democracy is and how the government should be there to serve the people, not the other way around! I loved this dialogue! And here is where I have my only minor complaint: Female characters are not really present in this book.

And if they are, they are mute albeit I want to get to know view spoiler [ the savage, who reminded me of Brave visually hide spoiler ] Ka'Poel! But I want to express also a companion thought: Developing a poor female character would have hurt the book more, so I am just a tad disappointed by the choice but it is just a minor criticism! As for the rest of the characters, I just loved them. There is dialogue, the dialogue including use of sarcasm!

Finally, let me point out another stunning element of this book: The magic system s. There are several abilities, several specialties and intensity of abilities that you might think it would be a mess. Instead the powers and abilities are described slowly, in connection with description of a character's abilities, with skill and clarity!

I have to admit I was not expecting to understand any of it yet the unveiling of abilities and skills is done in an uncanny way! Who would like this book? Anyone who loves fantasy really would enjoy it. View all 12 comments. May 06, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: buddy-read , reads , awesome-audio , chick-i-want-to-hang-out-with , fantastic-fantasy , stars , bb-b So it was a no brainer to pick up this book not just because Sanderson recommended it but also because Brian McClellan was once a student of his.

I see some of the influence that Sanderson might have on his writing but Brian McClellan is definitely finding his own voice and put together an intricate world and a very gripping story. There were a few minor issues I had just with understanding some of the motivations of the characters and a few things going to easily or swinging in extremes easily.

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Promise Of Blood - Powder Mage Review

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