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r3100 unlock sigmakey torrent

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Facebook: www. Octoplus Octopus Box Samsung Software v. Please leave your feedback below. Monday, August 22, Miracle Box v2. World's First 4. World's First 5. World's First 6. Thai respounde ase hem liketh ; Thous thai mani man biswiketh. The eldest maister was slein therfore. His heued was into the cauudroun cast. The greste wafaii queynte on hast. Tho th' emperour wiste tliis. He let sle alle seueiie, I wis. The water bicom. Ac yif thou dojBt more bi here rede, To swiche blendnesse mote tbat tfai lede.

Fram swiche schame God me sdulde! Th' emperonr aros anon. And wente to his halle of ston ; And ase th' emperour, verraiment, Hadde yiuen his sone juggement, The sexte maister com into the halle. And hendeliche he grette hem alle. And saide, '' Sire, thou art wel nice, To leue so mochel thin emperice.

And [had a] yong! That he louede has. The knight his wif in the wombe. Sone amorewe, erliche, He was biwaked richeliche, And wel faire browt on erthe, After that he was werthe. Here frendes segghen al that cas, And comen to hire to make solas. Gentil dame, debonaire, Lete awai thi mourning, And tak thi to som conforting f " That wil I do for no wele ; Ac die ich wille on his beriele! N'el ich hennes neuere go, S Ne confor take neuer mo. And fond hire that night stouer, Aod left here alone.

And sche made reuli mone. That were i-honged anon rightes. A knight of the countri held his fe, For to loke the dire knightes Vpon the galewes thre nightes. He com to the galewes, armed wel, Bothe in iren and in stel, For to make the fenit night-ward.

The weder was cold and frowArd ; He was for-cold, and lokede aboute, And was war, withouten doute, Of the fir in the chirche-hawe, And thiderward he gan to drawe, For to haue som warmyng ; 'And fond the leuedi doel makjing. And bad sche scholde late him in. Sche saide, sche n'olde, bi Seint Johain. He sat and warmed him foi the fer. He was so smal and so gent, I ne mai loue non other, verraiment! Tho was him wo, verraiment.

He scholde lese hiB auauncement, But he mighte finde die thridde, The thef that heng the twaie amidde. So that thou wille spousi me. But hit was he that er thar hiqg. Thanne the knight wel understod, , That fals and fikel was hire blod,. And saide. Whan this dcde was i-do. For gold no silver, lond ne house, Thi false bodi ne wolde I spouse! Thou hast i-tawt me a newe ran. Some to castel, and some to tour. Th' emperour wente to his hour ; Th' emperice made semblant ille. For sche ne hadde nowt hire wille.

Made M'el god solas. To vii wise men to biwake. A moneth thai kept hit, Als we findeth in the writ. But ase thai dede a fair queintise. He let him make a gaiiiement, Ase blak as ani amement, And heng theron squirel taile, A thousand and mo, withouten fail. A viser yit he made more. Two faces bihinde and two before ; With lang noses and mowthes wide. And 'Vgly eres on ether syde ; With eghen that war ful bright and clere. And brade, ilkone, als a sawsire ; With brade tonges, and bright-glowand, Als it war a fire-brand.

Thai sold be redy at his will, On the mom with sheld and spere. The maister than dyd on his gere,. His veser on his heued he kest; A bright menire aboue he fest : Twa swerdes out gan he brayd, And grete strakes obowt him laid. Sum wendy for the menire lygbt. That it war ane angel bright. That God had sent theder perchance. Thai war so temped in that tyde, Thare thai durst no lenger bide« Thai opind than tlieyates of Rome, And Cristend men fast efter come. I prai to God it might be so If thou more traystes tham vnto.

Yit war me leuer that thai so ware Than thi son that greues me sare. Sho thanked him and was ful fiayn. Ill Than out of chamber gan thai pas. So com maister Maxencius. He sese his scolere him bisyde : He prays the folk a while to byde. A while thai bight to dwd thare still. The toun ful fast be hies him till. He come bifore the emperoure. And bailsed him with grete bonowre. Andy if he haue diis day respite, Tomom he sal himseluen quite : Than sal thou thiseluen se Wha haue the wrang, thi wife or he.

He dremyd thus opon a nyght That he lufed a lady brygfat ;. That same time dremyd that ladi bright. That him dremyd of that nyght. That iornay ynto him was hard. For he wist noght whederward 99SO That he sold tak the redy way ; Tharfore he drowped night and day. So he traueld monetbes thre. And no signe of hyr kowth he se, Bot wele in hert he hoped ay That he sold hir se sum day.

With him he had a worthly wife. The fairest lady diat had lyfe. To speke with swier ne with knight. Hi In that land was were ful Strang Of lunges' and iordes, that lasted lang. And saw the lady, white so flowre, Xdgge in a window barred with stele ; Than in his hert he wist ful wele That this lady was the sanpie That he had so dremyd of at hame : He luked vp vnto the toure. And merily sang he of am5wr«. That sho ne had cald him hir vnto ; Bot for hir lord sho durst noght do.

At the ches, a knyght and he. This knyght percayued the erl thare ; Vnto the lady he mened namare : Bot til the erl he rides ful rights And of his palfray down he lyght ; On hb kne sone he him set. Thus am I cumen to dwel with thi. That might so wele his wapen welde : Thorgh strenkith of hand and Godes grace. He ouercome al the erles fase. The erl him lufed aud honourd than Mare than any other man ; He made him steward of al his land, And bad the men bow til hys hand.

And red the Franche, f ul fayre and fyne ; And alsone als he red it had. Was he neuer in hert so glad. SOdO Thar was hot a dur and a way. The knyght gat masons many ane. And grat tham hew fill faire fre-stane : A nobil hows thare gert he make, Fttl sone, for the lady sake.

When it was wroght als it sold be, Bath of stane and als of tre, d Than thoght he euer by what kyn gin, That he moght to the lady win. Was thare cumen a new masown. That soght had fra fer cimtre ; Sotiler man might none he. The knyght vnto that mason sent ; His niessangers wightly war went, That broght him to the knyght in hy. He hailsed him fut curtaysly. That he sold [do] whatsom he wolde.

And in the tour he made a hole, That the knight might oum the lady vntill. Night and day, at thair owyn will. When the lady wist of this. Hir thoght hir hert was ful of blis. The kiiyght quit wele the seruise Of the mason for his quayntise ; He slogh him sone that ilk day, Forfered that he sold oght say. Bitwene tham was grete ioy and hlis ; In armes, ful curtaysly, thai kys : Wele sho wist it was that knyght That sho had dremyd of anyght.

And sho. And graythly til the hole he gase. The ring he put his fynger on. And doun ogayn he hied him sone, Thurgh the hole was made of stane ; A flieri man the knight was ane. And to hym made he meri chere. The knight perzayued al the case : 3 He hiesy als fast als he may, Tite vntil hys priui way. And asked hyr what chere sho made. Sho said, sho mygbt haue no solslce, So was sho prisomd in that place, Fra the sight of alkins men ; —.

For I sal yeme it wonder wele. The lord gan graythly on hir loke. Bot wele he hopid and weterly. And thare he dwelled al that night. The lady bi hirself oft smyled, And thoght that be was wele bigild. Sethen com the erl vnto the kyrk, A mes fill sone than gert he sing. In honowre of oure heuyn kyng. The erl sent than, hastily, Efter the knyght of Hungery.

The knyght com sone the erl vntill. And se my leman at the mete. And ordand mete and drink gud wane. His hows he dight on gude aray ; And smertly than he toke the way Vnto the lady faire and bright. And gert that sho war gayly dyght, In gold garmeiites, richely wroght. So out of kenyng be hir broght. That hir lord than knew hir nogbt. And bis whif with bifii to et. And wonder in bis hert had he How that it so inygbt be, That any lady, in this life.

Might be so like bis owin wyfe. And eit gladly, par chariti. The erl bad hir also be glad. And loked on bir als be war mad. And vnnethes was the knyght went out When the erl was gane obowt ; Vnto the toure he takes the way, Als hastily als euer he may. Thare he findes his lady Keped him ful curtaysely. Whan he wist that he hir had.

And laiked him with his lady. Herkens now how it bifell! And gert here theder gude vetaille. And left his lady in that plase ; Vntil the kirk than went he sone. And herd his mes als he was wone. And when he to the kirk was gane, The knyght went to the towre onane.

The erl said that es gude scill,. And als thou sais, syr, do I will. S '' Sone the erl cals knyghtes twa. And bad tham sone that thai sold ga. And feche the lady vnto the kirk. Thai war ledy his wil to wirk. To kirk thai led that faire lady ; A prieste was reiiist hastily. And gaf the knyght vntil hia wiue. Thare the knyght toke the lady. And said to tlje erl : " Sir, gramercy Of this and al other grace! The wind blew, thai went thair way : Thus lost the erl his whife for ay ; He gaf hir thus the knyght to wed : Tharfore ful sari life he led.

To tel his lady how it was. And how he had his knyght conuayd : He trowed noght how he was bitraid. Vntil his toure thus wendes he right For to speke with his lady bright. Into the chameber gan he ga. And loked obout, bath to and fra ; He saw no 3yght of his lady ; Tharfore sone he wex sary. Of hir cowth he nothing here ; Than he wepid with sari chere. And, sir, he said, that this soth be, To mom. Sir, that war my moste desire : If I may whit who has the right, It sal be venged at mi might.

The emperice than was ful wa. That the childe was saued swa ; For wel sho wist hir was na bote Of that mater more to mote. The emperoure than, al that night. The emperoure lay in gude pese ; Him for to preche wald sho nogbt prjese. On the mom the eQsperoiire. And bad tham fech hift sone forth sone. The wiked wil, sir, of yowre wife Has made me «1 diis mekil strif For sho had made, thurgh sorceri. Alid, for my maisters; that me yemed, For my sake sold noght be flemed, Tharfore, sir, I held me stilj.

Bot, sone, a tale of thi allane Wil like me mare than thai ilkane : Tharfore thi tale thou tdl vs till " He said, " Sir, gladly, at yowre will. THE XV. In an yle that in the se was. And ouer thaire ship thai houed still : Than said the fader, with hert. That thise rauens thusgat cri i Whateuer sal it sygnyfy? Fader, that thou sal noght knaw me ; And if I wil it soffer, sertayn.

Whaty son, he said, cooaites thou To be richer than I am now? And kest him sone into the se. He turned the ship, with eger mode ; The child flet forth in the flode. The child swam forth in the se ; On God in heuyn ay thinkes he, And specially he praied him till To help him, if it war his will : And Qod of heuyn, of his grete grace, Made him to riue vp in a place, Opon an ile thare in the se ; Ful ioyful than in hert was he.

The childe yede vpon the land. And thanked Jesu of his sand. In that land he lifed allane ; Four dales mete ete he nane. Thai sang him cumfort wonder wele. For he wist thaire meniug ilk dele. How his fader kest him in the se For he said that he sold be Gretter of myght, by Goddes gracci And richer than his fader was. And how he swam into that yie, Al he talde him in that whyle.

Thare sal thou play and meri make. Bring me, if it be thi will, Thare I may ette and drink my fill. He said the childe I vnderstand Vntil the steward of that land. The childe wex and wele gan thi7ue ; The steward lufed hym als his lyue. His folk tharof had grete ferly ; And al the men of ilk cuntrd, Had grete selkuth that sight to se.

The king in no place [might] haue pese. For of thair noyse wald thai neuer sese, Nowther for bow ne for sling : No man might tham oway bring. For to wit encheson why That the rauens made slike cri ; For wele he trowed tham al omell, That som wise man sold him tell. The steward that had the childe in keping. Said he wald wend vnto the king. And what that it might signyfy. And sum gude thare may thou lere. Vnto the kourt than cumen ware Erles, barons, both les and mare. And set himself omang tham all.

In what stede so that I be f Wha can me tel, so mot I thriue. My doghter sal he haue to wiue. And half my kingdom ilkadele. That he sal hald him paid iiil wele. When he herd how. Til his lord spekes he priuely, And said this tale wele tel can I Of the rauens that on the king cries. In euyl tyme come we to toun. How a rauen sittes and cries allane. It es the femal of the thre : And, sirs, he said, ye se alswa How thare sittes other rauens twa ; Also ye se thaire ferly fare.

How the les cries on the mare. Than so bifell that corn was dere ; Tharfore the alder hir forsoke, And no thing wald he til hir loke. He fled fra hir in»that dere tyme. And on sere sides soght sho hym. Both by nightes and hi dayes. Fro hir neuer fleghe he walde, Nowther for hunger ne for calde Now es the aid rauen cumen ogayn, And wald haue his fere ful iain.

Whether make that sho sal be. Than al his barons talde him to, How that tham thoght best to do. In that tyme that com was dere : And he that put hir than him fra By reson he sal hyr forga ; He lufed hir noght, this es sertayn. That wald with hunger sho had bene slayne. And with swilk playnt oway he past. Now has that childe so mekil thing. So that thai fund tham at the laat.

To weikum swilk a lord als he. And sayd the king tfair sawes sertayn. How that thai had fanden the man, And hftw ihaft bft duuia aaswerd dian : Than was the king ful ghd in hert. The godeman welkumed foyre the kyng ; Bot of him had he na knawing : The whife him welkumed als Ad rath. The kyng thanked blithly tham bath.

Sir, je kest me in the se. For ye sal be in ioy and blis, And nonekins myrthes sal ye mys. Dere fader, why do ye swa i dlQiO I trispast namare than did be. The childe that was kast in the mi. And, if I myght come to honowre, For to be king or emperowre, Wene ye that I wald greue yow t Nay, sir, that sal ye neuer tfow : Drawen and bren aae wal4 I be. Or I wald greue my fader fre. And, fader, yowre mf0 weterljr, Wald haue gert nie lig fair by, d Bot I had leiier Imue died als soae.

Hi And, air, I djrede me yit ftlswa. Sakles thou wald my son haue slayne ; Thiself sal haue the same payne. Thou grantes thiself here al the gilt, Tharfore es resoii thou be spilt. If thou lifed longer it war walh, For ful sone wald thou shend vs bath ; And sen thou grantes thi werkes wrang. It nodes no qpest. With mekyl dole, this day or none.

For the tresown that sho has done ; And loke ye spare hyr neuer a delf;. For jsho has serued it ful wele. And efter his fader was emperoure. And led his life with werkes wise. And ended seyn in Goddes seruyse. God schylde all this company Fram swych a gest.

And yeue vb grace goodnesse to lere Of ham that before vs were, 20 Ciystendom how they gonne arere Tho hyt begaari Of oon the best ye mowne a-here That hyght Ottouyan. Ottouyan was empevoer Of all Rome and the facmiar ; Of chyualrye he hadde the flour That any man wyste : Here of a nobyll conquerour Ye mowyth lyste.

Hys barouns seyde, thai swyche lyf Was not fayr. No man may telle yn tale The peple that was at that bredale : Of kyngys, dukes, and prynces fale, Erlles and baroun. In Parys was y-feld ech a sale Into all the toun. Allmyghty kyng, That dene lyyf togeder hem sent And also good endynge. And after mete the lordys wyse, Eueryche yn dywers queyntyse, 80 To daunce went, by ryght asyse. The Frensch thoght telle. Of Crystendome. The emperour and Florence hende Wenten to Rome, 90 And louede well, with hert trewe, Nyght and day ylych newe ; And that ryght sore.

Hie emperour, yn the ferst yere. That hy togydere weren yn fere, Vppon Florence, that lady dere. He gette and wan Two man-chylderyn, fayyr of chere, As whytte as swan. That oo chylde was named Florent, And that other Octouyan. IM '' I wyll, sone, that thou hyt wyte The kokes knaue, that tuineth the spyte, Vpon thy wyfe he hath begete On of tho two : I wyll myn heed be of y-smyte. Bote hyt be soo. And here beheet. But when the lady was aslepe. Into hyr bedde the boy gan crepe.

And brought yn gyues. To deme her dome. The folk tho com frMiK ccbe a scbyre Ryght ynto Rome. Abyyd, syr emperour, yf thou wylt! And Clyde, " Pees! That men schuld whyte,. In bylles y-wryte. They ryden forth to a wylde forJst,— There was many a wylde best, — Fram Rome-Ionde, as seyd the gest. An hundred myle. Hy ne therst her brynge forder est For grete peryle, « But tumede agayn to the emperour. And lefte the lady yii dolour. The old emperice, the fyle traytour, Euele to spede.

As the lady rood be an hylle, Under a roche sche sey a welle ; A stounde sche thoghle her to dwelle ;. Adoun sche lyghte. Now barkened of an aunter that felle llio a noon ryght! And fyll aslepe, swyde rade. In her sorouwyng. The chylderyn wer full iawe of reste, And leye and sivokyn of her brest.

With that com out of die west A female ape, And chyld Florentyn, also preat, He toke yn rape ; And thoghte hym here, as fast as hy may, To the stede ther hyr whelpys lay. A knyght hadde honted all that day In that forest, And segh the ape com in the way ' A grysly best, And bar that chylde yn pelle y-wounde.

Anon he lyght adoun to grounde, SM The ape to yeue a grysly woimde Whyt hys swerd : The ape of hym that ylke stounde Was noght aferd. And loop yn haste on hjs palfray. For to hele, yf that he may, Hys woundes sore.

As he rood be a wbdes schawe He seghe ther many a wylde outlawe. Awey fro hem he wold a-drawe, Yf that he myght : Be hys hameys they hyt [sawe], That he was a knyght. He heet yn haste, Yf he hadde ony tresour to spende, Adoun hyt caste. And foule hath schape. As euery man ys from hys foo. The yong man went to the see-strohde, And segh ther many schypys stonde. And marchauntes, of vncouth londe. To bey ware ; But ther ne chepede fife ne bonnde All her chafare.

And the florins therfor y-told : With that ther com a palmer old In a sklaueyne. And bad for that chyld so bold Well many floreyne. The bocher was a man of inyght. He that wyll harkene dystresse Now he may here! A gryyp com fle to take hyr pray In that forest, Too here what sche wymie may Horn to her nest. In the see an yle. At the last he lyght adoun To reste a whyle. And tho aground was the lyoun Well softe he leyde the chyld adoun ; To yeue batayle to the gryfoun He gan to flynge, And breyde away with hard roun The grypes wynge.

Tho thys wyng was from y-bore I woot hys flyght was all y-lore. Among the whelpys. Toward toun sche wald ryde. But sche ne wystp be wat syde : Colyeries taughte her that tyde To oo cyt J, Graundyght men clepyd hyt fer and wyde In Crystianti. Bothe erles and barouns. And boghte vs alle with hys blode! Of the chyld that Y er of toldiB How hyt was y-foiinde! And on the schyp sche gan to clym And wold y-wende. The schypmen wher stoute and grym That schyp to thefende, And ofte her pelte ynto the see.

The lady bad hem lat be, " For oo peny Y woU yeue thre, Yf sche thoth mys. And grauntede thys. They that wer ere than agaste Tho hadde game. And whan that chyld wepte other cryde. The lyonesse was hym besyde ; Onther her wombe sche wold hym hyde, And yaf hym sowke, 6 10 As sche that here hym fer and wyde Fourty woke.

The gret lordys. Amom Florence, withowten wene, Was broght before kyng and quene. In the quene chamber sde wonedi dore Neghe yere and. The kyng that pryns beheld, And made hym knyght. For wordes ylle, But grauntede well tliat ylke day Her lordes wylle.

As Y mote here matyns or masse. Or thou eft fro my handys passe, Y haue y-ment, I woll vpon thy body tasae Well many a dent. Ayens ham com that ylke day A stowt squyire, And bar vpon hys. Tho seyde that chyld Florentyn : '' God wold that sparhauk were myn! For tho two oxen be he thyn Thys faucone. Florent seyde : " Syr, wylt thou so? And sorfull cry. The bestes were dryue hem fro Ryght hastyly.

Sche seyd : " Florent, leue lyf. Telle me why ye chyde," Florent told her also blyf How hyt betydde ; And how he hadde the bauk y-boght. For the bestys hym were betoghth. That wyf gatf thenke yn her thoght The merchauntyse, Of cherles kynde was he noght For hys gentryse. And, Florent fele strokes he yaf. And tok of foweles greet empryse, That of the peple of Parys Hym louede myche.

Longe after that ne was kgrt naght, That Florentiiadde the hauk y-'boght. He bare the florens yn hys hode ; Vpon a colt com owt of stode, As blak as cole, A yong man com ryde with egre mode That hadde hyt stole. Florentyn well fayr hym' grette. And askede where he that cole fette. A edit? Wher ys hyt? Let be tfays fare :. He n'as neuer of thy kynde y-bore To bey the ware. Be hym that pads Adam and Exie, I n'ell no more thye cbyUe so greue. For mo gylt : Fynd hym thyself to hys behoue All that thou wyllt.

Men blamede the boeliere oft stQundys For hys sone. At wrestelyng and at ston castynge. He wan the prys without l. So dede al do lluit yn Paiys were. He was of lengthe twenty feet. And two elle yn brede with scholdiys greet : Ech day he wold et a neet And messys more : Twey tuxlys out of hys mouth set, As of a bore. The Sawdan pyght hys pauylon At Mout-Martyn, rpon the doune ; Eche day he sente to toune That fowle thyng, To aske batayle with rufiill roune Ayens the kyng ; And bad hym fynd a champioun To feyght with that foule feloun.

Or Crystendom schall adoun Fram euerych man. And euery kyng yelde vp hys croun To the Soudan. In blake annes, vpon a destrere, Ouer all he had ben a conquerere, Swych were his happys :. He bar thre rochys of seluer clere In scheld and trappys. As sone as he with the Sarsyn faught He clefte bym at the ferste draught : The Sarsyn cryde : " Thes ys naught :.

Send othyr moo! Thus they schull lye long straight Or that they go. The kyngys brodyr of Naueme : He n'as naght to leme. Or than yn feld. Vpon a stede he gan yeme With sper and scheld. And man and hora he clefts Iho. Swych twenty n'ere wcnrtbt a slo At me to fyght. Thys was vnhap attd bard ehminee To all Crystendome. Swot-reed hyt was and euell to tfays schyue :. Thereyn of syluer bole-axys fyue ; The scheld of sable. On Florentys stede a knyght con dryue Out of stabele.

The helm was of queynte kest, A borys heed stood on the crest. Whan Florent was all redy drest In hys armure, Hys fomen myghte of hym be agast, We mowe be sure. Two bole-axys, grete and longe, In hys former arsun were y-honge, With cheynys that were styf and stronge For, all chaunce ; And yn hys ryght bond he gan fonge An huge launce.

And denky boy, thy fader hath keld , Well mauy a bole and doun y-feld! And the kynges, And on hys schulder heug hys schelde To bataylynges. That her sperys to-broste at two ; ITie peces fell fer hym fro Of tymbres toghe. Her eyder other for to slo Swerdes droghe. And hewe on scheld and helmed clere : TTiey brorten all on fere. The mbytes heed he cleuede dounrygbt Thorgh the brayn.

The Soudan' yn hys pauytoun Tho was aflyght. Clement stode in oo kemell And segh that fyght. He Clyde : " Boy, ley on, with yre,- Strokes as ys woned thy syre! He ne fond neuer boon ne lyre Hys ax withstent, That he ne smot thorgh ech a swyre Ryght at oo dent.

Thorgh myght of Jesus and of Marie, In heuene that sytte. The geauutes schelde in two partie Ryght euene he smytte. The geaunt smot to hym agayn ; Florentys scheld fell yn the pleyn. But Florentyn kedde that he was slegh, And yede the geaunt swythe negh, And smoot hym on the scholder on hegh A strok of harm ; Hys scholderbon awey forth flegh, And hys ryght arm.

With the left hond to take vp the fachouDi And Florentyn, with hys ax so broun. All thorgh he smoot Ann and majle, and akketoun, Thorghout hyt hot. Hys aduentayle he gan vnlace, Hys hed he smoot of yn the place. The Cristene thonkede of hys grace The kyng of glorye, And maden game and greet soldce For that victorye. Now schuU we forth yn ryme rede.

Herkened lordyngys hou hym gan spede For charyti! And rod to the maydyns pauyloun ; He fond that mayde of greet renoun Er he hyt wyst, And of hys stede he lyght adoun, And swtete her kyste. He wold haue rauysched her away ; Sche cryde and made greet deray, But yn hys ryght hond left that day Her surkot sleue, 1 To telle the tokene that he her seygh Men schuld hym leue.

Tho come Sarsyns so greet plenty. That nedes he most fyght and fle. To wyte her state. The leches her wytnesse bere ; Her fadjr the pauylon lete arere Besyde the bank of the water clere, To haue that eyr : Hak sche gan her fader yghe blere ; Thys tale ys fayr.

Whan Florent herde that tydynge For ioye hys herte begon to sprynge : He dede greyde yn the euenynge The kynges barge : Onther Pont-graunt he gan her brynge With schelde and targe. Our Soudanes doghter, wUh greet boat. Is rauyssched vs fro! Now folwen we to the watfei'ea oofit. And sle our fo. Yet were hy er day, Y trowe, Onther Graunt-pount. That mayde was ynto the cyti fet ; Of many greet Iprd hy was y-greet.

In Sarsyn specbe, Tbat scbe was crystened yn Goddes lay. For dowte of wrecbe. But now of Clement ye mowe lest A wonder cbaunce. Tbe last day by were at mete y-set, Clement bar manteles batb byscbet : He seyde tbey most rekene bet To pay bar scot, Of mete and drynke tbat was y-fet To quyte ecb grot. How that he myghte Do her fadyr hys ost arere. And bom hym dyghte. He turnede abowte Galys and Spayne, Lumbardye and also Almeyne ; Of other palmers he gan frayne Lesynges quaynte, As ech man behouyd that ys yn payne Hys tale paynte.

Be the Soudanes est whan he was come. Now herkeneth, frendes all and som, : How Clement wroght! The stede was brogbt out of stftble : The bloman hym ladife with a cable. Darst thou ryde vpon thys best To the ryuere. Erles, barons, knyghtes, and swaynes Of Clement spak.

The Soudan began vp hys godes chyde For that myschaunce. Clement presentede with that stede The Kyng of Fraunce. Ferst com the Kyng of Arabye, And ten thousand on hys partye Of Sarsyns stout and trye In feld to fyght : The worst of hys companye Was worth a knyght.

The day of batayle was y-conie. He was betrayde. Tho was Octouian yn balaxmce The emperour. He was y-take with greet destaonte, And other kynges four. As hond doth the hare. The Soudan sent yn jryi rynges. Of Masedonye. The Kyng of Greece hem ladde also With syxty dousand q»ea aod mo. Clement fleygh and hys wyf yn fere, Into Gascoyne as ye mowe here. And also the Spudanes doughter dere With hem gan fle ; In slaueynys as they piabners were Yede alle thre. And dede hem alle to vntherstonde Of the Soudanes fyght ; And how he hadde the kynges j-nome And destniyd the Cristen all and some.

Of fute they hadde dousandes four. And euerych was yong vauyssour With good gysarmes. At Aciys as they gonne aryue. The emperour and the kyngs fyfe, And many Crysten men alyue, In iren y-steke, The kyng of Jerusalem cam dryue Ham to awreke. T ie Kyng of Masydooye com 17 de With hys ost albnd'that. Of Jerusalem. Tho brought hys ost the kyng reall OfNaueme. Tho eyder ost with other niette.

With scharppe sperys togeder by grette; The Crystene men hare strokes sette In feld so. That quyt they were of the Sarsyns dette For euermo. AUe the banere that Cryi ten founde Thej were abatyde ; There was many flti hetfaen hoimde That they chek yn a tyde.

Among hys ost, the kyng of Fraunoe, To the hygh Soudan he bare, a kiuice. Well many soules to hdle pyn That day was sent. Ther myght no Saresyn kepe hys hede ' For Crystene men. He herde telle; withdute lesy How the Souda[a] y-slawe wee. With hym the Soudanes doghter ivtat In a 8lauejne rough and rent. The kyng of Fraiince kest Clement With greet honour. With greet honour Syr Florentyn ' Keste Clement with hert fyh. Atte hys feste Florence bryght Beknew her lord.

Before the greete lordes alle ; Doun on knees sche gan falle To the emperour ; '' Mercy, lord, sche gtak calle. For thjn honour! KarfuU was myn herte tho Whan Y hyt seygh. And tok my rede In that stede to dwelle and be Ther God was ded. And forsok her. And taught her maydehys werk of sem Yerys fyftene. So hjght my gone that was take fra me In that forest.

For syxty florencys all be tale : For emperales that were not smale I bought hym thare. And trussede. And hom hym bare. Some one, probably his Steward, had recommended retrenchment ; and, m consequence qf this advice, the Knight takes the resotution with which the present copy ofwiu. Both far and nere : " My lord, he seyd, ye owe more Than ye of yowre londes mey reyr, Of all this seyvon yere : Who so best mey Y schall hym prey.

And take of hym a lenger day, And leyt your covrte slepe here ; 10 Putt away mony of yore men. Hold not won the ye er held ten, Thof thei be neuer so dere. Ay in hethyng and in skom. So wyle as V aiB kende? And yette he toke his palfray And rode forthe on is jornay, Als fast as he euer myght. Belwene a forest and a ceti. He fonde a chapell of ston and tre, And saw therin greyt lyghtte.

Then commandyd Sir Amadas anon A mon to loke or thei gwon. And boyd-worde biyng hym lyght. Over his heyd he drw his hode. And to the chapell dore he yode Mo anters for to here. He loked in at a windo of glas. For to wytte what therin was, And ther he fownde a here : A bere he saw and candyls too, 80 A womon syttand and no moo. And scho made sympell chere.

And scho was carefiill of redde : Bot seche a savor as Y had ther In gud feythe Y feld ner;. And thoght full grette pyti. For to wyn the gold so reyd He myght not abyde in that sted Suche a savor had hee. God wot ther wold non hot Y! He was myweddyt feyr. Ther myght no mon is bred sowe. Nor no draper is clothe drawe. His meyt was redy to ylka wyghth. When Y seyd he dyd not wele, He seydy God schuld pay for ylke a dyll And sette my wordes full lyght.

When thei wyst that he seke lay, 'I'hei com yeme with greyt afiray, To kalange ther gud thare. And all the pennys to them Y told ; Yette axte thei mykyll mare. With candyls dey and nyght. My leve dame, have gud nyght! His lordes soper he dyght full sone, Of gud meytes and fyne.

He commandyd a sqwyar to goo To byd the mardmide and is wyfe also. SIO That nyght to aope with bym. And all suche wnitars as he was, 2J0 That make men wonder bare! Then sey the knyght : " Is ther any mare? J have that ye me hygbt. And drynkes that wer dere. When thei had eyton and dronkon also.

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