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lotfp death frost doom torrent

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Joined May 4, Messages 2, Reaction score 5, Eldritch Cock is another joke name, meant to follow the previous year's Vaginas Are Magic. But whereas Vaginas Are Magic is a book of spells that can only be cast by women, Eldritch Cock is just a general sourcebook. There's a historical wargame company I like, Too Fat Lardies, and their games are infamous for having titles that are sophmoric acronyms It puts some people off Last edited: Aug 10, Simon Hogwood Puritan Bearbearian.

Joined Aug 20, Messages 1, Reaction score 3, Provinto Active Member. Joined Sep 8, Messages 43 Reaction score Edgewise said:. He wrote this. Ladybird said:. It's not even really that weird until you get to the modules. Simlasa said:. Provinto said:. What is it about? And is "Not Zak" Raggi? What is the book where the new magic system is detailed? AsenRG Legendary Member. Joined Apr 28, Messages 10, Reaction score 12, My assumption is that it will get further development in the much-anticipated but slow-in-coming LotFP GM's book.

Edgewise Legendary Member. Joined Sep 27, Messages 4, Reaction score 7, Joined Sep 3, Messages 6, Reaction score 13, Voros said:. Veins of the Earth 4. Vornheim 5. Vornheim 3. Death Frost Doom 5. Scenic Dunnsmouth 6. No Salvation for Witches 7. Qelong 8. Isle of the Unknown 9. Tower of the Stargazer Seclusium of Orphone Carcosa Monolith Forgive Us Towers Two Cursed Chateau England Upturn'd Last edited: Aug 22, Baulderstone Moderator Moderator.

Joined May 13, Messages 7, Reaction score 21, Bunch E-Rocker is a goose. Joined Aug 16, Messages 12, Reaction score 23, What is "OSE"? Is he going to pull PDFs from being for sale or just no additional print runs. Bunch said:. I second this question. Joined Apr 25, Messages 6, Reaction score 13, Sorry y'all intended to go back and write out the whole name but forgot.

Necrozius Legendary Member. Joined Apr 25, Messages 3, Reaction score 6, I found nothing of interest in that particular book. Baulderstone said:. Luca Legendary Member. Joined Aug 8, Messages Reaction score CRKrueger said:. And Raggi is not going to sell his stuff anymore either?

Feel free to link to the relevant news item instead of explaining it here Edited to add: okay a quick internet search and I think that I know enough now Last edited: Aug 23, Luca said:. Don't be too glad. You've been losing out on some extremely high quality books, and Raggi's production values as publisher are second to none.

Didn't Labyrinth Lord do this? Thanks for that overview, Baulderstone. Joined Feb 10, Messages 1, Reaction score 2, People have different tastes. My games have been going just fine without LotFP stuff. With the exception of 'Tower of the Stargazer' which I liked and from which I have taken a few ideas , I didn't care for them -- they didn't strike me as 'old school' at all , and aesthetically I found them unappealing. With respect to content, adventures that destroy campaigns e.

I hadn't paid attention to the product line for years. With my quest for excellent adventure in frozen climes in full swing, now I finally have an excuse to revisit it. Stripped of its second assholish adventure, decorated with gorgeous Jez Gordon black and white art, given a spiffy new layout with vastly improved readability and dubiously recast in the ironic hipster Zak bafflegarble, the module is brimming with atmosphere and fascinating ideas but suffers from multiple defects carried over from the original or introduced in this new edition.

Let us begin. There is a mountain that no-one climbs. It dominates the landscape like fear and the memories of what once lived there. But memory recedes and rumor breeds—and the rumor is a rumor of gold. Someone will be the first to scale the white mountain: it will be someone who is greedy, stupid or fanatical— but also, perhaps, lucky. Trademark akward Zak baffle-prose one shudders to think what a Zak novel would look like , where sentences are cobbled together out of words having similar emotional connotations but might as well be placed in random order.

The mountain dominates the landscape like fear ey [1]? There stands a mountain upon which nobody climbs. Legend holds that a great evil once lived upon the mountain and forever cursed the land. But fear fades with time, and the blood of those supposedly lost long ago lay claim to the fortunes that they say were stolen from their kin. As yet, none dare attempt to retrieve these riches.

A little verbose but at least we know what is going on and the tone is consistent. The mountain is meant to be placed somewhere in the campaign world, with the option of placing a much needed quest item inside as possible hook for the PCs. A specific hook and item probably would have been more useful but its inoffensive. Short instructions to enable the scenario to be run as a one shot by omitting the introductory sections are welcome, and minor tips on maintaining atmosphere would continue on throughout the adventure, which is much appreciated in a horror adventure where mood and theme are paramount.

Now might as well be the time to cover the Foreword, always a treat for would-be assassins of character and gleeful pillorers of all kinds when it comes to Lotfp. Something as striking for as the first printing had been in Death Frost Doom takes clear inspiration from Lichway [2] but has been recast as a horror adventure and has plenty of other features, thus there is no shame in admitting the inspiration. The half-hearted passive aggressive acknowledgement is textbook Raggi.

Raggi has since explained that the cause is parallel evolution from the Sussurus in the Fiend Folio, which seems as good an explanation as any. When a freakishly original thing is made, it inevitably contains both inherited and mutant genes. When the original Death Frost Doom was found on the doorstep of the old school gaming scene, its horror-shortstory tone and structure came thinly wrapped in familiar adventure-game trappings.

James and I agreed that this new edition should maintain that tone and structure, but replace as many of the handed-down bits as possible with more creepy magic. I mean fucking Raggi certainly heard of them. The PCs must venture up the mountain in order to reach the stronghold of the ancient cult.

Sadly this is where any treatment of wilderness rules ends, technically disqualifying Death Frost Doom from my Polar adventure delve, but who cares? The cold in DFD is meant for atmospheric purposes. Effective use of foreshadowing is made by having the party encounter a mad old hermit, warning the PCs away and trying in some small way to put the countless thousands of souls that perished to the evil cult to rest.

The mood is set. It was destroyed, but not before it had taken thousands of innocents—piled in mass graves, no proper rites or markers. Lost to the gods and human memory alike. No one cared— the evil was gone, and that was all that mattered to anyone.

But I remembered—the faces—they were real men, real women. And they killed children too. They did things and had names! I use to make cairns, statues, but there were too many dead. And there are still. The bad men had a list of names in their old meeting place.

I am too old, and probably the only one left who remembers. So many…. The dungeon proper is underneath an evil cabin in the centre of a graveyard, raised by Old Man Zeke. In the new edition, Zeke carves the monuments out of wood and there is a complicated process on the site of the dungeon involving the transformation of water into liquid time, causing the wooden monuments to turn to stone. This process and its meany features are somewhat overexplained throughout the module proper, which functions on an atmospherical level, rather then a rational one.

The Cabin provides foreshadowing for what is to come, and is reminiscent of Evil Dead II I mean the goddamn moose head is there. The dungeon does have a second entrance, which is good, but it lacks the genius topology of its predecessor. It retains the spiral-like structure of Lichway but most of the interconnection between areas is missing. There is a hidden exit in area 7 of the dungeon, but the geography of the place and the origin of the undead virtually ensures that PCs will never use it, as escaping through the main entrance is much more effective.

Sadly the horrific flourishes of DFD come at the expense of player agency. There is a bit of meta required for the PCs to keep on venturing forth in such an obviously accursed place but this is par for the course in a horror adventure. What DFD does and does well, arguably better in the Zak rewrite, is build up atmosphere.

Clear expressions of horror are intermixed with esoteric references or naming schemes with no sensible origin, highlighting the alienness and evil of the death cult. Unfortunate naming schemes giving birth to such uncreations as Magen Eisenthrast, Gorgulos Nexx, Nazir An-Azat or Aetheldredd Aleph should be employed only if the game suffers from a deficit of sneering, contemptuous laughter.

Perhaps Venger and Zak could be convinced to team up. The atmosphere of constant danger is enforced not by frequent combat, which should be dialed down in most dungeons and rare in horror games, but by myriad accursed objects, omnipresent evil that prevents restful slumber, and hints of sorcery that have no immediate impact, like a painting with the characters on it. There is a potential problem that some of the peril is bullshit, like poisonous Save or Die spores in the church organ, provoking players into being too cautious, which is a shame since much of the depth and information in this adventure is communicated through tomes and other writing.

Tried some water from the cursed fount? Save or die or you will grow extra teeth until your face explodes! The manifold tomes in the adventure, a Raggian conceit, add a nice Call of Cthulhu vibe to the whole and reward exploration. The true names of The Greater Repugnances, powerful undead creatures that can be discerned deep in the tomb can be discerned, tomes with blasphemous secrets and sorceries are manifold [5] and stray incantations carved upon various surfaces are delivered to the player on a note and trigger only when read aloud, another homage to what I am starting to suspect is the Evil Dead Series.

Songs can be discovered and played on the harpsichord, the water clock can be manipulated to pass time, there are a few of these mechanisms scattered about the complex that reward exploration and add some hidden depth, though for example the Harpsichord gets carried away, devolving into a page of memes as the effects of playing various songs on it gets discussed. In this case, dropping things in the pit merely caused tremors save vs Breath Weapon or be knocked around for d4 damage and there was actually a whole other dungeon down there, built half into the mountain, half into the body of the god.

Just give us the hook. After the parasite has been destroyed and things are already turning into a shitshow, the Tombs of the Greater Repugnances become accessible and myriad bizarre horrors with interesting abilities may be encountered. Oathkeepers, interrogators, executioners and undead baby vomiting inquisitors show themselves in their obscene glory.

The reasons for this creature to remain inside the tomb for untold centuries err on the side of convolution. Vampire Lords and hordes of hungry, accursed dead are released into the countryside. That should give your campaign a nice little boost. Death Frost Doom is a horror adventure and as such, not fair.

The players will most likely trigger an undead apocalypse without being given ample warning, or be forced to deal with creatures of absolute evil or die. In a normal adventure those are drawbacks. Because its metabolism like so much else here is infected with the liquid time that condenses when pure rain water hits the peak of the sacred mountain, it spontaneously absorbs and suspends most of the souls slain here inside the glasslike spheres of liquid time throughout its body.

This adventure is good, maybe great. Long memories of evil lure promise of riches untold. Ancient horror dreams of the fanatic, the greedy and the fool, but perhaps, also, luck awaits the bold? Since the quest item is placed beyond it, with the creature blocking the way, it is technically possible a party will stun it, quickly climb past it, retrieve the quest item and then fuck off [4] There is a sort of astrolable cum torture device that can generate an augury , and theoretically Speak With Dead should enable PCs to learn of the nature of the Sacred Parasite from parallel adventuring parties in the High Priests room but Speak with Dead is beyond the ability of the players.

I am never convinced anything has an existence outside of their appearance in the encounter. Like Like. I think some of the problems with this adventure that you mention could be alleviated with, as you allude, access to Speak With Dead.

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Death Frost Doom (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

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