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dirichlet multinomial matlab torrent

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dirichlet multinomial matlab torrent

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032 Dirichlet distribution


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The normalizing constant will be determined as part of the algorithm for sampling from the distribution see Categorical distribution Sampling. However, when the conditional distribution is written in the simple form above, it turns out that the normalizing constant assumes a simple form:. In a larger Bayesian network in which categorical or so-called "multinomial" distributions occur with Dirichlet distribution priors as part of a larger network, all Dirichlet priors can be collapsed provided that the only nodes depending on them are categorical distributions.

The collapsing happens for each Dirichlet-distribution node separately from the others, and occurs regardless of any other nodes that may depend on the categorical distributions. It also occurs regardless of whether the categorical distributions depend on nodes additional to the Dirichlet priors although in such a case, those other nodes must remain as additional conditioning factors. Essentially, all of the categorical distributions depending on a given Dirichlet-distribution node become connected into a single Dirichlet-multinomial joint distribution defined by the above formula.

The joint distribution as defined this way will depend on the parent s of the integrated-out Dirichet prior nodes, as well as any parent s of the categorical nodes other than the Dirichlet prior nodes themselves. In the following sections, we discuss different configurations commonly found in Bayesian networks. In cases like this, we have multiple Dirichet priors, each of which generates some number of categorical observations possibly a different number for each prior.

The fact that they are all dependent on the same hyperprior, even if this is a random variable as above, makes no difference. The effect of integrating out a Dirichlet prior links the categorical variables attached to that prior, whose joint distribution simply inherits any conditioning factors of the Dirichlet prior.

The fact that multiple priors may share a hyperprior makes no difference:. It is necessary to count only the variables having the value k that are tied together to the variable in question through having the same prior. We do not want to count any other variables also having the value k.

This model is the same as above, but in addition, each of the categorical variables has a child variable dependent on it. This is typical of a mixture model. Again, in the joint distribution, only the categorical variables dependent on the same prior are linked into a single Dirichlet-multinomial:. The conditional distribution of the categorical variables dependent only on their parents and ancestors would have the identical form as above in the simpler case.

The simplified expression for the conditional distribution is derived above simply by rewriting the expression for the joint probability and removing constant factors. Hence, the same simplification would apply in a larger joint probability expression such as the one in this model, composed of Dirichlet-multinomial densities plus factors for many other random variables dependent on the values of the categorical variables.

Correctly speaking, the additional factor that appears in the conditional distribution is derived not from the model specification but directly from the joint distribution. This distinction is important when considering models where a given node with Dirichlet-prior parent has multiple dependent children, particularly when those children are dependent on each other e. This is discussed more below. Here we have a tricky situation where we have multiple Dirichlet priors as before and a set of dependent categorical variables, but the relationship between the priors and dependent variables isn't fixed, unlike before.

Instead, the choice of which prior to use is dependent on another random categorical variable. This occurs, for example, in topic models, and indeed the names of the variables above are meant to correspond to those in latent Dirichlet allocation. In this case, all variables dependent on a given prior are tied together i.

In this case, however, the group membership shifts, in that the words are not fixed to a given topic but the topic depends on the value of a latent variable associated with the word. However, the definition of the Dirichlet-multinomial density doesn't actually depend on the number of categorical variables in a group i. Hence, we can still write an explicit formula for the joint distribution:.

Here again, only the categorical variables for words belonging to a given topic are linked even though this linking will depend on the assignments of the latent variables , and hence the word counts need to be over only the words generated by a given topic. The reason why excluding the word itself is necessary, and why it even makes sense at all, is that in a Gibbs sampling context, we repeatedly resample the values of each random variable, after having run through and sampled all previous variables.

Hence the variable will already have a value, and we need to exclude this existing value from the various counts that we make use of. We now show how to combine some of the above scenarios to demonstrate how to Gibbs sample a real-world model, specifically a smoothed latent Dirichlet allocation LDA topic model. Essentially we combine the previous three scenarios: We have categorical variables dependent on multiple priors sharing a hyperprior; we have categorical variables with dependent children the latent variable topic identities ; and we have categorical variables with shifting membership in multiple priors sharing a hyperprior.

In the standard LDA model, the words are completely observed, and hence we never need to resample them. However, Gibbs sampling would equally be possible if only some or none of the words were observed. In such a case, we would want to initialize the distribution over the words in some reasonable fashion — e.

Here we have defined the counts more explicitly to clearly separate counts of words and counts of topics:. As in the scenario above with categorical variables with dependent children, the conditional probability of those dependent children appears in the definition of the parent's conditional probability. In this case, each latent variable has only a single dependent child word, so only one such term appears.

If there were multiple dependent children, all would have to appear in the parent's conditional probability, regardless of whether there was overlap between different parents and the same children, i. In a case where a child has multiple parents, the conditional probability for that child appears in the conditional probability definition of each of its parents.

The definition above specifies only the unnormalized conditional probability of the words, while the topic conditional probability requires the actual i. Hence we have to normalize by summing over all word symbols:. It's also worth making another point in detail, which concerns the second factor above in the conditional probability. Remember that the conditional distribution in general is derived from the joint distribution, and simplified by removing terms not dependent on the domain of the conditional the part on the left side of the vertical bar.

Usually there is one factor for each dependent node, and it has the same density function as the distribution appearing the mathematical definition. However, if a dependent node has another parent as well a co-parent , and that co-parent is collapsed out, then the node will become dependent on all other nodes sharing that co-parent, and in place of multiple terms for each such node, the joint distribution will have only one joint term.

We have exactly that situation here. We can rewrite the joint distribution as follows:. Hence it can be eliminated as a conditioning factor line 2 , meaning that the entire factor can be eliminated from the conditional distribution line 3. Here is another model, with a different set of issues. This is an implementation of an unsupervised Naive Bayes model for document clustering. That is, we would like to classify documents into multiple categories e.

However, we don't already know the correct category of any documents; instead, we want to cluster them based on mutual similarities. For example, a set of scientific articles will tend to be similar to each other in word use but very different from a set of love letters. This is a type of unsupervised learning. The same technique can be used for doing semi-supervised learning , i. In many ways, this model is very similar to the LDA topic model described above, but it assumes one topic per document rather than one topic per word, with a document consisting of a mixture of topics.

This can be seen clearly in the above model, which is identical to the LDA model except that there is only one latent variable per document instead of one per word. Once again, we assume that we are collapsing all of the Dirichlet priors.

The conditional probability for a given word is almost identical to the LDA case. Once again, all words generated by the same Dirichlet prior are interdependent. In this case, this means the words of all documents having a given label — again, this can vary depending on the label assignments, but all we care about is the total counts. However, there is a critical difference in the conditional distribution of the latent variables for the label assignments, which is that a given label variable has multiple children nodes instead of just one — in particular, the nodes for all the words in the label's document.

Furthermore, we cannot reduce this joint distribution down to a conditional distribution over a single word. Viewed 2k times. Douglas S. Stones Victor Lyuboslavsky Victor Lyuboslavsky 4 4 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Memming Memming 1, 14 14 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.

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Continuous Distributions: Beta and Dirichlet Distributions

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